Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/TSGphoto.com

Leafs recall Dahlström and Seney, loan Rubīns to the Marlies

After a difficult game for Kristians Rubins last night with the Leafs, he’s been sent back to the Marlies.

Coming up for Toronto is Carl Dahlstrom and Brett Seney. Dahlstrom has played in almost every game for the Marlies, while Seney has the second-most points on the team. It’s difficult to tell whether this is injury-related for the Leafs, but I assume it’s just for a day of NHL pay.

With Alex Biega already up with the Leafs, it’s hard to assume Dahlstrom will get a game before him.

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Another reason as to why I say it’s likely just for pay is because the Marlies play three games in three days this weekend. Today is the final game of the trip, so it’s wise for Toronto to call them up for some pay.

We’ll have to see what happens at Leafs practice tomorrow to get a definitive answer.