Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Some more names added to the Leafs COVID Protocol list

If you were planning on seeing the Leafs play hockey again before Christmas, I think you’re out of luck. If you are hoping to see them again before the New Year, that also looks unlikely as the Leafs just added a number of new names to their COVID Protocol list…

So with 10 Marlies also tested positive with COVID, and no real relief in sight, I think we chalk this up to a bad situation, but a situation made marginally better by the fact that the Leafs aren’t playing.

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Here are a few notes from Dubas’ earlier press availability that hinted at the further testing that was coming:

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So there’s certainly a lot going on with this. While the majority of positives have been asymptomatic, or mild cases, the better safe than sorry attitude is the best approach. Even if the the NHL and NHLPA aren’t willing to cancel Olympic participation, there’s no reason that season can’t be extended a couple of weeks to deal with the growing concern that has around 10% of the league in COVID protocol at the moment.