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Ontario government announces when Maple Leafs fans can return to Scotiabank Arena

Omicron is still surging strong in Ontario, but there was a glimmer of hope on Thursday morning as the Ontario government announced that they would be easing restrictions.

As of February 21st, the Maple Leafs and Senators will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity, which in Scotiabank Arena is 9900 fans. Then, if cases stay down and everything stays the course, Toronto can have a full building on March 14th.

However, if cases rise during this reopening plan, the Ontario government will pause it for a few days, says Premier Doug Ford.

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This announcement comes just a day after the NHL released a new schedule for the Maple Leafs, which will see them have four home games in February.

In terms of the number of home games until a full reopening, Toronto has ten.

For the sake of everyone, I hope this plan stays in place. Everyone in Ontario needs a glimmer of hope right now, and this could be it. Fingers crossed.

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