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Rumour: Canucks interested in Travis Dermott

There’s been a lot of Travis Dermott scuttlebutt in the past 24 hours, but nothing pointing in a concrete direction on where he could wind up until now…

So there’s a team, and with that team there are also players that the Leafs have been rumoured to be interested in as well…

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Both Motte and Schenn would be a sign that the Leafs are looking to toughen themselves up heading into the playoffs. Motte has been a surprisingly good player in his sheltered situations and the physical play he’d bring would be welcomed by most. Schenn is another physical player but on the backend. He’d probably slot in as a 7th defenseman, and his cheap contract for this season and next is a plus, but not much of a roster upgrade. It would likely be one, not both coming back to Toronto for Dermott, but stranger things have happened.

There’s also no guarantee this is happening at all because the keywords are “one of the teams”, so this is still an early in the process thing. It does however look like Dermott’s time in Toronto is over.

Last night David Alter had a breakdown of Travis Dermott’s (likely) final postgame press conference with the Leafs:

Travis Dermott knows his time with the Maple Leafs is nearing an end

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