Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Leafs send Alex Biega to Nashville

Not exactly the breaking news anyone is looking for, but Alex Biega is on the move.

The Leafs seemed like they were looking to move some of the Marlies defensemen, namely Menell and Duszak, but those deals are yet to materialize.

The return on Biega still isn’t known, but it is likely this move is about freeing up a contract space as the Leafs were getting close to the 50 max. That could prevent them from signing either Matthew Knies or Nick Abruzesse once their NCAA seasons come to a close. Or you know, they might be trying to make other deals today.

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If you are expecting more than Future Considerations or a conditional seventh, prepare to be disappointed.

Biega played two games for the Leafs and was a -2 in those games. He averaged 13 minutes a night.

Goodbye Alex Biega. We’ll always remember that you were briefly here.


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It’s now being reported that it is indeed future considerations that the Leafs are receiving for Biega. I’d still say they came out on top in this move.