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There is no shortage of personal milestones to be hit by Leafs players this season

It’s training camp time, which means we are spending the next three weeks anticipating a season that is essentially an eight month long transaction to get us to the hockey that we really care about, the playoffs. I think we should be reasonably comfortable with the idea the Leafs are a playoff team, and even if the biggest pessimists will grant the Leafs the bare minimum of a wild card spot in the playoffs, while we’re waiting for that hockey we need something to keep us interested and to some degree that will include players hitting personal milestones.

That is partially why I spent some time putting together a list of what the Leafs’ individual players could achieve.

Who Milestone How far away
Joey Anderson 1st Leafs goal 1 goal
Joey Anderson 1st Leafs point 1 point
Joey Anderson 100 games played 42 games
Nic Aube-Kubel 100 games played 31 games
Jordie Benn 600 games played 5 games
TJ Brodie 800 games played 28 games
Michael Bunting 100 games as a Leaf 21 games
Michael Bunting 100 points as a Leaf 37 points
Michael Bunting 100 points 23 points
Kyle Clifford 800 games played 49 games
Carl Dahlstrom 100 games played 33 games
Pierre Engvall 200 games played 32 games
Pierre Engvall 100 points 38 points
Adam Gaudette 100 points 30 points
Mark Giordano 100 games as a Leaf 80 games
Mark Giordano 1100 games 76 games
Mark Giordano 600 points 56 points
Mark Giordano 400 assists 7 assists
Justin Holl 100 points 36 points
Calle Jarnkrok 600 games played 26 games
David Kampf 100 games as a Leaf 18 games
David Kampf 100 career points 16 points
Alex Kerfoot 400 games played 40 games
Alex Kerfoot 200 points 13 points
Timothy Liljegren 100 games played 26 games
Denis Malgin 200 games played 8 games
Denis Malgin 100 points 40 points
Denis Malgin 1st Leafs goal 1 goal
Denis Malgin 1st Leafs point 1 point
Mitch Marner 500 games played 73 games
Mitch Marner 500 points 45 points
Mitch Marner 400 assists 83 assists
Mitch Marner 9th on the Leafs alltime assists list (321 tied with Doug Gilmour) 4 assists
Mitch Marner 8th on the Leafs alltime assists list (330 tied with Ted Kennedy) 13 assists
Mitch Marner 7th on the Leafs alltime assists list (349 tied with Tim Horton) 32 assists
Mitch Marner 10th on the Leafs alltime points list (537 tied with Rick Vaive) 82 points
Auston Matthews 300 goals 41 goals
Auston Matthews 200 assists 2 assists
Auston Matthews 500 points 43 points
Auston Matthews 8th on the Leafs alltime goals list (260 with Wendel Clark) 1 goal
Auston Matthews 6th on the Leafs alltime goals list (296 tied with Mahovlich and Armstrong) 37 goals
Auston Matthews 5th on the Leafs alltime goals list (299, tied with Vaive) 40 goals
Auston Matthews 10th on the Leafs alltime points list (537 tied with Rick Vaive) 80 points
Matt Murray 300 games played 54 games
Matt Murray 150 wins 18 wins
Matt Murray 20 shutouts 9 shutouts
Jake Muzzin 700 games played 21 games
Jake Muzzin 200 games as a Leaf 17 games
Jake Muzzin 100 points as a Leaf 20 points
Jake Muzzin 300 points 7 points
William Nylander 500 games played 61 games
William Nylander 400 points 57 points
Morgan Rielly 700 games played 46 games
Morgan Rielly 400 points 27 points
Morgan Rielly 4th all time in Leafs defensive points (414 tied with Ian Turnbull) 41 points
Morgan Rielly 5th all time in Leafs defensive games played (717 tied with Jim Thomson) 63 games
Ilya Samsonov 100 games played 11 games
Ilya Samsonov 10th shutout 4 shutouts
Rasmus Sandin 100 games played 49 games
Alex Steeves 1st NHL goal 1 goal
John Tavares 1000 games played 51 games
John Tavares 300 games as a Leaf 20 games
John Tavares 400 goals 9 goals
John Tavares 900 points 5 points
John Tavares 300 points as a Leaf 26 points

Some of these are more aspirational than others. An 83 assist season from Marner is a lot to wish for as is a 30 point season from Gaudette or a 40 point season from Malgin, but dream big I say.

The player to watch immediate seems to be John Tavares, who is five points from 900 and nine goals from 400. Auston Matthews’ next goal also moves him into a tie for 8th on the Leafs all time goal scoring list with Wendel Clark, so it will take half a period of game one for that to happen too.

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