Is This A Goal Scoring Competition? Phil Kessel’s Defensive Game

Not a Selke trophy A lot has been made of Phil Kessel’s defensive game, or lack thereof, this season. Phil has been labeled as being a soft player that plays poor defensive hockey. Generally the opinion on him is that he doesn’t back check, floats around in the defensive zone and only focuses on the…


Saturday Afternoon Perspective

You have to ask the question. Adding to the recent misery of the Leaf fan, the Toronto MSM are in full trolling mode. Damien Cox, a long time Leaf hater, wrote a piece about how it would be in the Leafs best interest to trade their first player to hit 70 points since Mats Sundin….


Reimer Proves Goaltending Gets Better With Age

James Reimer almost had a shutout on his 24th birthday, showing us the goalie we all remember from last season’s miracle run to 10th place. He was positionally sound and made a few huge stops to keep the Lightning off the scoreboard for most of the game, ultimately letting in a late goal forcing the Leafs…