Leafs Postgame: Bernier Shuts the Door in Shootout Win

#456031758 / gettyimages.com It’s been a week of preseason now, and we’ve confirmed that Phil Kessel is the best. Has been for a minute, will continue to be. It was just another meeting with the Buffalo Sabres, this time at home, but Kessel and last year’s top line quickly rediscovered their flow and once again…


This is Beyond Explanation (And Poor Phil Kessel)

In the 24 hours or so that have passed since news broke that the Leafs were not only retaining Randy Carlyle, but also giving him a two-year extension, there’s been a great deal of high-quality snark produced. A quick review: Known girlfriend-haver Cam Charron compared the situation to being caught without an umbrella. Toretto debuted…


How and Why A Fan Runs On the Ice

We’re sure you didn’t miss it, but a fan managed to hop onto the ice at the Leafs home game against Tampa Bay on March 19. It was silly, kind of funny, and far more unique to hockey than it is to baseball. It also raises some questions, like why someone would risk punishment to…


In Reality, Phil Kessel Is The Chauffeur

  Phil Kessel is an incredible offensive talent. Now that I’ve blown your mind with that hyper-obvious statement, we can continue. Kessel is great. He’s tallied 45 points in 48 games (though he is just coming off a nine-point, 15-game stretch) and since he joined the Leafs in 2009, only 19 players have more points…


Doubting the men in charge

  Toronto Maple Leafs fans appear to have hit a tipping point, and the vitriol and social media over the past few games has gotten extreme. It’s not difficult to see why – after a hot start, the Leafs have been the worst team in the NHL, full stop, since the beginning of November. Just…


LEAFS POSTGAME – A reversal of fortunes in 2-1 loss to Colorado

  There was plenty of talk in the offseason about how the Toronto Maple Leafs’ possession statistics weren’t sustainable and that the Leafs, constantly being outshot and out-attempted, were due for some regression if they didn’t change their style of play. However, regression doesn’t mean "you were lucky before, now you’ll be unlucky." Instead, you…


Who should play with Kessel and Bozak?

Like it or not, there’s a strong chance that the Toronto Maple Leafs enter 2013-14 with Tyler Bozak manning the pivot on the top line alongside Phil Kessel. The Leafs Nation has beaten to death why that’s not the optimal situation, but it’s high time the focus turns to making the best out of a…


How The Leafs Have Shifted Asset Allocation for 2013-14

As you may have heard ad nausem throughout the offseason, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made some interesting decisions with respect to salary cap management for the 2013-14 season. With many of their best value deals coming up for raises by way of the restricted free agency process, the Leafs now find themselves short on…


Leafs Sign Young Defenceman T.J. Brennan

    According to the TSN panel and multiple insiders on Twitter, the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed defenceman T.J. Brennan.  Brennan’s deal with TOR is one year with $600K AAV. — Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) July 5, 2013 Bobby Mac gives you the financial details there – it’s a fine depth signing at nearly a…


Breaking: Leafs Re-Sign Frazer McLaren

  Per James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Maple Leafs have agreed to terms on a two-year deal with restricted free agent Frazer McLaren. Mirtle reports the salary figure as $700,000 per season.  McLaren previously had a cap hit of $632,500, so he’s receiving a slight and expected raise as an RFA….