Darren Ferris is doing damage control now

Mitch Marner has signed his contract and, barring injury, will be with the Toronto Maple Leafs to start the season. That doesn’t mean that this whole saga is over. Even though we have a player under contract long-term and games on the horizon, there’s still going to be plenty of conversation around everything that transpired…


The Leafs could use Mr. Game 7

Justin Williams announced on Monday that he’s taking a break from hockey. It was widely speculated he would return to the Carolina Hurricanes for another season, but, instead, the team’s captain will enter the season with his future up in the air.


Brown, Ozhiganov provide anecdotes about Leafs departure

It’s the Dog Days of Summer, so pretty much any new hockey-related information will dominate the news cycle. Since we’re all sick of hearing that Mitch Marner hasn’t signed a contract yet, here are some anecdotes that Igor Ozhiganov and Connor Brown shared recently about their departure from the Leafs.


Darren Dreger’s most recent offer-sheet speculation is hilarious

I’m not sure what dirt Mitch Marner’s camp has on Darren Dreger, but the TSN Insider was out doing his public relations rounds on behalf of the Leafs’ restricted free agent this morning. Dreger appeared on First Up on TSN 1050 and suggested that Marner (or one of the other major RFAs this summer) could…


A Patrick Marleau trade looks inevitable

Kyle Dubas’ biggest challenge in his second summer as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs is walking over the tightrope of salary cap hell. Two keys in making his life much, much easier this summer are finding ways to rid himself of Patrick Marleau and Nikita Zaitsev’s contracts.