Blogging for Charity

Ryan Lambert and I like to stir the pot in the hockey blogosphere. From his work at Puck Daddy to my tribute to the Washington Capitals we’ve won our fair share of critics (mostly in the "they hate us" sense and not the "objective analysis of humor").


Boston Blows It; Playoff Hopes on Life Support

The Bruins held a 3-0 lead last night and lost 5-3 to the Rangers. As usual we wish Boston the very worst. The Rangers with 91 points are now clear of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In New York they’re only worried about Carolina stealing their spot. The Sabres are still in reach but if you…


Playoff Scenarios

Currently in 10th place, (37-32-10, 32 ROW), There are two playoff spots the Leafs can grab. Here’s how they can do it: 7th place: Buffalo Sabres – 90 pts (40-29-10, 35 ROW) ROW is wins in either regulation or OT. It’s the new first tiebreaker. To catch the Sabres the Leafs need to beat Washington, New Jersey and…


Merrimack’s Stephane Da Costa

Merrimack’s season ended last night the same way Ottawa’s Cup Finals appearance ended: with a boneheaded defensive play putting the puck in the back of their own net. That means it’s open season on Merrimack’s players. It’s likely that forward Stephane Da Costa will sign with an NHL squad and leave Hockey East behind. Da Costa is…


The End of the First Round

Though Boston has two games in hand their recent skid has allowed the Montreal Canadiens to close the gap on the Northeast division to a single point. As much as we hate the Habs I’m pretty sure we also hate the Bruins so cheering for one or the other based on a sweater is a…


James Reimer’s Glove Hand

Just listen to Pierre McGuire on the first goal against Reimer. The shot gets by him, through traffic, and he immediately starts prattling on and on about how James Reimer keeps his glove hand low and other teams know that and now teams are shooting glove side high and that’s how James Reimer got beat….


On Relative Worth of Draft Picks

Avalanche blogger Jibblescribbits went to the trouble to figure out a way to value NHL draft picks to determine their relative worth here (go read it now, I’ll wait). I went ahead and started with this approximation: Or Player Value = (Career TOI/g) / (Position average TOI/g) I decided that a player who plays more would,…


Kyle Wellwood: Still Bad at Hockey

Now that Kyle Wellwood has flunked out of Vancouver and decided to run his mouth about Vancouver not being a place to win it’s pretty clear that the problem is Kyle Wellwood and not the teams that have given up on him. One thing that’s funny though is that articles on the internet don’t disappear so…


Leafs Wanted: Dead or Alive

Ladies and Gentlemen I come to you today with the rational assertion that the sky is, in fact, falling. The Leafs have now played two games in a row where they haven’t won. The reasons for this are straightforward and obvious and so I’ll walk you through them as a sign of courtesy as you most…


Being a Fan

We’re all aware that being a "fan" is short for being a fanatic, defined by Merriam Webster as: "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion". That "uncritical" part is important here. A lot of what we endeavour to do in sports blogging is to present accurate and objective analysis of our team and the small…


What Is James Reimer?

A goaltender. Article over see you guys in a few days for more bad jokes. Today in the Globe and Mail James Mirtle talked with The Goalie Guild‘s Justin Goldman about James Reimer. I’d like to preface this by saying that James and Justin are two great dudes and I understand that on James’ end it’s not…


Thoughts on Giguere and Reimer

In last night’s OT loss to Atlanta it looked like James Reimer was holding down the fort just fine. He wasn’t fighting pucks and Atlanta didn’t have any memorable scoring chances. Then Atlanta’s Evander Kane kneed Reimer in the head and with six minutes left in the second, and a 2-0 lead, the Leafs rookie netminder…