What Can You Draft With a Late First?

Yesterday the Leafs moved out Kris Versteeg for Philadelphia’s 2011 first and third round picks. My gut feeling is that this is a bad deal; Versteeg is on pace for about 50 points this season as a 24 year old and it’s unlikely that someone available late in the first round will have that kind…


Mike Komisarek: Eight Minutes for $4.5M

Last night’s game revealed an awful lot about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ defensive group. Their TOI and quality of competition leader, Francois Beauchemin, was shipped out of town and rookie Keith Aulie was pulled up from the Marlies to replace him.


Beauchemin Traded – What Does This Mean? What’s Next?

The Leafs have dealt Francois Beauchemin for Joffrey Lupul, Jake Gardiner and a conditional pick. The terms to the conditional pick are so convoluted that my head hurts thinking about them but look at the trade this way: Lupul is a salary dump and Gardiner is a blue chip defensive prospect. At even strength Beauchemin leads…


Phil Kessel’s Frustrated: You Would Be Too

Phil Kessel’s comments that "It might not be working out here" via the National Post have hockey fans wondering exactly what he means. Is Kessel unhappy in Toronto? Is Kessel frustrated by his recent slump?


Phil Kessel’s New Stick

I think hockey equipment is pretty interesting, especially sticks. The hockey stick seems simple enough but really there’s an endless amount of variation in how players prepare their gear. Some players like big curves, some small. Some players like big toe curves as opposed to mid curves. This guide shows how to tape your stick, but…


What to do with Reimer?

News this morning out of Toronto is that J.S. Giguere is ready to play and James Reimer is being returned to the Marlies immediately. This strikes me as odd given how poorly Giguere and Gustavsson have played this year but perhaps it’s unfair to give James Reimer the reins based on such a small sample…


James Reimer Impressive in Debut

James Reimer made his first NHL start last night, his previous experience being 14 minutes of relief work against Atlanta where he only saw four shots. Reimer’s start came in Ottawa which is probably a great idea for new Leafs goalies: it’ll be a pro-Leafs crowd without the microscopic scrutiny of playing in Toronto. Reimer played a…


Post-Lockout “Average” Goaltending

Looking at save percentages I wanted to get a feeling for what an average goaltender can do post lockout. A lot of people think anything above .900 is fine for a goaltender but Craig Anderson’s .900 puts him in 37th place among goaltenders that NHL.com lists. Their list is for goaltenders who have made or on pace…


Greg McKegg’s Production

With 24 goals and 26 assists for 50 points only 33 games into this OHL season Greg McKegg is looking like a steal for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Drafted 62nd overall he’s carrying the offense for the Erie Otters and looking good doing it. Season Age GP G A Pts 2008 – 2009 16 64 8 10…


Does Gustavsson Need a Vacation?

On November 22nd against the Dallas Stars Jonas Gustavsson stopped 21 of the 22 shots he faced to raise his season save percentage to 0.922. Since then he’s played six games without stopping 90% of the pucks he’s faced.


Leafs WJC Prospects

Christmas time is coming somewhat sooner for me than the rest of you lot because I’m spending two weeks in Mexico between now and then. Christmas time means it’s time to get ready for one thing; respect for a beautiful and age old tradition dating back to the year zero. Speaking of which isn’t it a…


Points Percentage Based Standings

How about the Leafs last night? Big comeback win against a good team to take them to 2-0-0 at the start of the Week of Doom. With four points in their past two how do the Leafs stack up if you correct the standings to reflect Toronto’s games in hand?