Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before

The clock is down to single digit seconds and you’re not surprised that the visiting team is throwing their hands in the air. Minutes ago before a timeout you watched a puck barely reach the opposing goal line for icing and you know that was it; the Leafs were going to lose a faceoff and…


Pythagorean Expectations

Pioneered by Bill James in baseball pythagorean expectations basically state something obvious; if you want to win you should outscore your opponent and teams that outscore their opponents by a lot win more than teams that don’t. For more pythagorean background check out this post I wrote last year about how the Leafs save percentage affected…


Devils at Leafs

7PM ET: Leafs TV Being a Leafs fan since the lockout means that by now you’ve probably accepted a few things as fact:


Leafs Call Up Kadri

That day is finally upon us; Nazem Kadri has been called up by the Toronto Maple Leafs. It doesn’t feel like the right time to bring up Kadri for an extended stay and personally I’d prefer he stay in the AHL to work on his game. However with 5 goals and 9 assists in his first…


Goodbye Sweater

After Florida scored to make it 4-0 the Panthers feed showed something that TSN chose not to; a Leafs jersey thrown onto the blue line by a presumably disgruntled fan.


Leafs Special Teams

I threw together two charts on the Leafs special teams play. The dots are their performance in that single game and the line is their season average at that point. Notice any disturbing trends for the Leafs PP and PK?


The Leafs: Hot Streak or Improved Play?

Before we get rolling here: I’m Chemmy, one half of the Pension Plan Puppets blogging enterprise. Along with PPP I spend my internet e-days i-trolling other team’s fans but occasionally I’ll write a little bit about stats. Nothing too fancy and I try to keep the math simple. As you’re realizing right now I’m not the…