The Leafs By The Numbers: #2

  25 players have donned the #2 for the Toronto Maple Leafs, most of them Defensemen. Probably all, I don’t know I didn’t click on everyone’s bio at hockeyreference. Unlike #1 there was no slam dunk Hall-of-Famer to make my life easy. And lord help me if I have to talk about Luke Schenn any…


The Leafs By The Numbers- #1

Not that you’re likely to remember but a few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to copy the excellent “ABC’s of the Senators” over at Silver Seven Sens by writing a post on the greatest player in Leafs’ history for each letter of the alphabet. I had a list saved in…


Upcoming Leafs Milestones

If and when the season begins there are a few Leafs players who are set to achieve some personal and team milestones. Since we’re not exactly sure what the next few months will hold this will give us something positive to look forward to once the season starts up again. Most of these predictions assume…


The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs Goal

  If you’re signing pictures of a goal, you know it’s a big deal.  A continuation of The Leafs Nation’s ‘Essentials’ series. For our favourite games, click here. For Bitter Leaf’s full Essentials series at Puck Daddy, click here. Danny: Mats Sundin’s Game Six goal in 2002 to send it to OT JP: Joe Nieuwendyk’s second Game Seven goal…


The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs Game(s)

What the hell is Brylin doing in a shootout? A continuation of The Leafs Nation’s ‘Essentials’ series. For player and season, click here. For Bitter Leaf’s full Essentials series at Puck Daddy, click here. This post will focus solely on the Essential Game, as it turns out I had alot to say on the matter….


The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs: Part I

  "The last goal he ever scored, won the Leafs the Cup."  You’ve probably all read the excellent Maple Leafs’ version of The Essentials over at Puck Daddy (h/t to Bitter Leaf for doing the leg-work. We all thought it was an excellent idea and decided to borrow it. So I asked my fellow Leafs’ fans—and…


Extreme Makeover- Leafs Dressing Room Edition

I bet Versteeg did this to Kessel.  I’m not going to say Randy Carlyle stole my idea, but he definitely has been picking up what I’ve been putting down. His desire to revamp the Leafs dressing room shows he knows a thing or two about exploiting cognitive biases. 


The Other Uncalled High-Stick

I’m only going to say this once: if you value your sanity don’t read any further. Being a Leafs’ fan you probably don’t value your sanity very much so I suspect you’re all still with me. Good. Today I’m going to show you something that will ruin your life all over again. I don’t know…


The passion of fans will keep the lockout short

I will never quite understand why some people think that the fans are somehow to blame for the latest potential but almost certain lockout. The theory goes that if we had not been so gung-ho on welcoming the NHL back the owners and NHLPA may think twice when it comes to a work stoppage. This…


My Favourite CBC Hockey Night In Canada Montages

It’s August 3. We all miss hockey. It’s the Friday of a long weekend so you weren’t going to do any work today anyway. Let’s watch some hockey montages. Here are my favourite CBC Pre-Game Montages in no particular order:


It’s Time to Blame the Fans

Late last night my esteemed colleague in blogging Steve Dangle asked a question that’s been on the mind of Leafs’ fans all summer, and for most of the past eight years: What is going on? Steve speculated that the Leafs are working furiously behind the scenes to pull off a blockbuster deal for either a…


Coached by Gretzky

You’ve probably seen this before. Even if you have it’s still worth another look. These are the instructions given to Leafs players prior to the 1962 season.