Auston Matthews is the Best Goal Scorer in the NHL

If you were to ask most hockey fans who the best goal scorer in the NHL is, I think the most common answer would probably be Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin has won the Maurice Richard Trophy as the NHL’s leading goal scorer in six out of the past seven seasons, so it seems like a pretty…


Mitch Marner and his Primary Assist Magic

You may have heard by now that Mitch Marner remains unsigned by the Toronto Maple Leafs as we begin to approach the opening of training camps for the 2019-20 NHL season. There seems to be a gap between how the Marner camp views his value compared to how the Leafs think he should be paid….


Why the Leafs Should Explore Trading Andreas Johnsson

The primary reason that hockey teams make trades is that they identify a change they’d like to make and they see some kind of swap of assets as the best way to accomplish it. It could be that they want to add some depth for the playoffs, or lower the amount of money they’re spending,…


Are Scoring Chances Better Than Corsi?

[If you want the results without any preamble, jump past the first sub-headline.] Several years ago hockey analysts began using a statistic called Corsi to analyse team and player quality.  While people have often called Corsi an “advanced statistic”, it’s really just the same idea as +/- but with a larger sample size; you add…


An Introduction To SQL Using Hockey Stats

While hockey statistics work is often done with languages like R or Python that require a reasonable amount of programming knowledge to take advantage of, there are simpler tools that can be used to accomplish many tasks.  I still use spreadsheets for a significant chunk of the stats work I do.  However, managing data in…


6 Potentially Under-valued UFA Forwards

In the summer before the 2014-15 season, the Toronto Maple Leafs did a great job of targeting potentially under-valued free agent forwards and signing them to low-cost, short-term contracts.  Players like PA Parenteau and Brad Boyes had fallen out of favour with their old teams, but had a history of putting up solid numbers and…


Should the Leafs bring back Cody Franson?

At the moment the Toronto Maple Leafs are pretty thin on right-shooting defencemen.  Nikita Zaitsev and Connor Carrick are the only two right-shot D in the organization who seem likely to make the opening night roster at the moment.  The team could simply run a roster that’s heavy on left-shots, perhaps with a bottom pairing…


Is Matt Martin Actually Good Defensively?

I think it’s fair to say that Matt Martin has been a polarising figure in Toronto this season.  Unsurprisingly, the divide mostly seems to be between traditionalists who see Martin as a player who performs a valuable role protecting the Leafs younger stars versus more statistically-inclined fans who see Martin is a low-scoring player whose…


Forward Matchups In The First Round

One of the questions that’s of interest heading into any playoff series is how the two head coaches are going to strategise in order to maximise their chances of winning.  This obviously happens in the regular season too, but since a playoff series typically lasts several games against the same team, it gives coaches more…


Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner, and the Importance of Quality of Competition

The topic of how significantly Morgan Rielly is affected by quality of competition has been making the rounds recently.  Rielly’s possession statistics this year have not been especially strong, as he’s currently just barely breaking even in terms of shot attempt ratio, 4th best on the team after Jake Gardiner, Connor Carrick, and Martin Marincin. …