The strangest team

With the lockout killing our creativity (especially mine) over the last while, I figured I’d open the floor to another discussion piece. The question this time being: Is there a team in the NHL as funky as the Leafs? And I don’t mean like, good funky, either. We’ve heard on many occasions that the Maple…


Will you watch KHL hockey?

Yesterday it was announced that our friends south of the border (unless you’re from the States and reading this now. In which case, you) will have the opportunity to tune in for some KHL action on ESPN3 as early as, well, now. Apparently this will bring the KHL in to something like 70 million homes in…


The season of Mike Komisarek

The Leafs are coming up on the final two years of the thorn that’s been stinging their side since 2009. Mike Komisarek’s salary dips in 2012-13 to $3.5M, which saves the Leafs $2M compared to last season in actual cash. We’ve now entered (or will enter, when hockey starts) that window where a lot of…


Oh for three

During TSN’s regular segment "Insider Trading" Wednesday evening, it was relayed to us the news that the next 7 to 10 days of discussions between the NHLPA and the league will likely make or break this lockout. If some common ground doesn’t start to come together, it looks like everything could go south and we’re…


Kessel: A Leaf for Life? Maybe Not

In a previous post, I talked a little about the Leafs’ plans in the summer of 2013, and how Burke is likely looking ahead to then for major bolstering of the team. Potentially, with some big additions available to bid on, and a new set of rules under which to do so.


Nikolai Kulemin re-signs in Toronto for two years

According to Darren Dreger, the Leafs have signed Kulemin to a new two year deal worth $2.8 million per season. After going ice cold for the 2011-12 campaign, Kulemin still managed to get a raise from his expiring $2.35 million dollar hit over the last two years. However, if you look at his entire body…


Moving Pieces Up Front

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the James van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn trade that went down this past weekend is the way it quickly re-shaped the Maple Leafs’ roster. Schenn was all over the place on the blue line, minutes climbing and falling from game to game, but his counterpart in the…


Goalie options Bern-ing up

With silly season entering what should be one of its busiest weeks, the focus on the Leafs’ needs in goal and, well, everywhere, will be front and center up until Friday’s draft. Of course, we’ve been discussing most of this since the regular season ended, but it’s time for that last kick at the speculation…


Are two trades better than none?

With Vokoun off the market and Roberto Luongo supposedly set to meet with the Canucks sometime this week, you can count on the goalie talk surrounding the Leafs to pick up substantially, especially with the NHL and AHL playoffs wrapping up. I guess this is a fairly easy observation to make, but it’s quite likely…


Get outta town

I won’t lie, this article was brought about by two others I just read this morning: Should the Oilers go after Jordin Tootoo? by Jonathan Willis at Oilers Nation, and Why GMs Overpay for Bottom Six Players by the Leafs Nation’s own Danny Gray. Before you close your browser thinking "this idiot is going to suggest…