Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #6 – Timothy Liljegren

The mighty have fallen. Timothy Liljegren entered the 2016-17 season as the undisputed best 2017 NHL Entry Draft eligible defender with the chance at pushing for first overall for all skaters. Now some establishments have dropped him as far as within the 20s. What happened? Obviously from where we rank Liljegren you can already tell…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #10 – Miro Heiskanen

Yes, that is no typo. We ranked Heiskanen 10th overall — although not every individual did not rank Heiskanen specifically at 10th overall. While Heiskanen has risen up the rankings, with the infamous U18 bump, we value him slightly less, relatively speaking. We do view Heiskanen, though, as one of the best defenders available this draft.


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #16 – Juuso Välimäki

Over the past few years, Finland produced one first round NHL draft defenders: Rasmus Ristolainen, Julius Honka, Olli Juolevi. This year may produce two with Miro Heiskanen and Juuso Välimäki. Valimaki brings it all as a very complete two-way defender. The young Finn has been compared to Olli Juolevi due to his overall game, but Valimaki…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #19 – Nicolas Hague

Every year there is a defender with a ton of size that most-to-all the scouts salivate over. However, historically speaking a lot of these defensemen have been some of the biggest historical busts. At around 6’6 or 6’7, depending on where you ask, and well over 200 lbs, Nicolas Hague may be the largest defender…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #27 – Callan Foote

The last name may seem familiar to a few hockey fans. See, once there was a shutdown defender named Adam Foote. He was kind of okay at the whole playing hockey thing. He’s also Callan’s father. Callan Foote is also pretty good at the whole hockey thing. He has almost everything a scout could desire:…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #31 – Urho Vaakanainen

Urho Vaakanainen, best known by Hockey Twitter for his name autotranslating to Urho Libra Female, fell from scouts’ good graces throughout the season. Vaakanainen has been on the scouting seen for quite some while putting up impressive stat lines in Finland’s junior levels at 15 and 16-years-of-age. However, Urho struggled this season, putting up a similar…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profiles: #39 – Conor Timmins

Conor Timmins may be a bit late on the list here, and a lot of that may be my own fault. I will admit that in retrospect I ranked him way too late, skewing the average. Ironically, I will now be the one to guide you through our profile of the 6’1, right-shot defender. Timmins…