Maple Leafs Penalty-Kill

The Leafs penalty kill has improved, sitting at the halfway mark, 15th (heading into the game versus the Devils) after sitting at the bottom of the league for the past few seasons. They moved up a tick to 14th, the upper half of the NHL, 82.7% after blanking the Devils on four opportunities Monday night….


Marlies: Joe Colborne Revisited

I’m not going to get into the individual breakdown of skills here for Colborne, I gave my thoughts as to what kind of player he was and how getting to the net. I pointed out in that post about the range in which Colborne was expected to develop. As it stands now, if the Leafs…


Toronto Marlies Makeshift PDO

A great disadvantage of doing statistical analysis on leagues outside of the NHL is utter lack of detailed information available to further enhance analysis. Cam, among others – have made this point. Something as easy as PDO can be tracked to quantify momentum, however, the American Hockey league doesn’t differentiate shots on game sheets on…


Leafs Asset Management and Ryan O’Reilly

Fans of a lot of different NHL clubs claim their team could use Ryan O’Reilly the most. I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are at the top of that list. ROR in this instance means more than just rate of return. It’s a potential perfect fit. I believe he is the most logical fit between Phil Kessel and…


Leafs Vs Panthers Talk Through

(Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLInteractive) I wanted to try something a little different, so this is a bit of an experiment. It didn’t turn out as well as I thought, but it’s a start and may end up leading to better analysis in the long run so bear with me. I’ve been playing around with…


Leafs Random Thoughts

I figured there would be plenty of James Reimer posts today, so I decided to string some thoughts together, on Phil Kessel and Nazem Kadri, Matt Frattin, James van Riemsdyk and the Leafs’ powerplay. Kessel and Kadri Should Watch Each Other I think there’s a mutual learning opportunity by Phil Kessel and Nazem Kadri watching…


Leafs Sin Bin Totals

Penalties and power play opportunities have increased significantly. With the Leafs penalty kill falling into that familiar territory at the bottom, sitting 27th with a 71.9% rate, I wanted to look closer at what kinds of penalties were being called.  Needless to say, the far and away penalty called is five for fighting, where the…


Slumpbusters: Phil Kessel Edition

I don’t have the video available for last night’s Leafs game, but a point was made by the Sportsnet crew about Phil Kessel, getting to the goal after the game that triggered a spark. Doug Maclean referred to the ‘turn back’ the act of stopping short and turning back with the puck while attacking which…

Leafs Ice Time Game Situations

 This is going to be a short one, a fun little post focusing on the Leafs times in various game situations. This was prompted as I was looking through the team Fenwick numbers to get an early gauge on the NHL (please take note of the small sample size and the nature of season post-lockout)….


Tracking Phil Kessel Shots on Goal

It’s finally reached the point where the chatter to trade Phil Kessel is getting so hot it’s lighting the kindling for the bon fire that’s coming. Forever maligned as a piece involved in a fateful trade, Kessel will burn his name into the annals of Leafs history, or scorch a path out of town. There’s…


Marlies Goals Scored On/Off Ice

The onset of the NHL season is a distinct point in the schedule that impacts the AHL, as the outflow of players joining their respective parent clubs altered lineups immensely. The Marlies lost three of their four top scorers, with the graduation of Nazem Kadri along with Mike Kostka with a spot on the Leafs…


Keep it Simple, Komisarek

First, stop hurting your teammates.  Firing pucks and injuring Leafs winger, James Van Riemsdyk is only the latest incident. Mike Komisarek has not lived up to the $4.5 million cap hit signed as an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2009. That much is crystal clear. With two more seasons, barring a trade or…