Leafs Geeks Podcast – Capology

This week, we take a deep dive into the Leafs’ cap situation with the unofficial Capologist of Leafs Reddit, Earl Schwartz (probably better known by his username, Earlisaboss). Here’s a time-stamped list of the topics we discuss:


The Leafs Geeks Podcast – The Babcast with Prashanth Iyer

This week Prashanth Iyer from Hockey Graphs & Winging It Motown joins the show to break down the Babcock effect. Here are some of the topics we touch on: 2:45 – Adapting the system to his players. 14:15 – Getting everyone to buy in. 23:46 – Admitting that he has flaws. 37:16 – Giving his…


The Leafs Geeks Podcast – Addressing Defence with James Mirtle

This week James Mirtle from The Athletic joins Ian to discuss the following topics: 3:30 – RHD Trade Targets. 14:23 – The Expansion Draft. 20:17 – Hunwick vs Alternatives in UFA. 25:03 – The Zaitsev Contract. 30:51 – The Blogosphere vs Beat Reporters. 40:18 – James Mirtle’s Beer League #analytics. The podcast is also available on…


Picking the best defenceman available at the draft might not be as obvious as it seems

With Toronto’s lack of defensive prospect depth, there’s been a lot of discussion lately concerning whether or not the Leafs should target a defenceman with the 17th overall pick. While most draft pundits typically agree that selecting the best player available (BPA) is the smartest way to maximize the value of the pick, it’s hard not to take the organizational need for defence…


Nikita Zaitsev: Actually Good

If you haven’t already read it, Draglikepull wrote an excellent article where he statistically breaks down Nikita Zaitsev’s game and explains his concerns with the contract extension. This deal been a pretty controversial topic in Leafs land lately. There’s been some great debate in the blogosphere outlining the pros and cons of locking up Zaitsev long term. Personally, I’m…


Evaluating the Leafs’ Defencemen using NHL 17’s HUT Ratings

Yesterday I evaluated Toronto’s forwards using the ratings from NHL 17’s Hockey Ultimate Team mode. Today we’re going to look at the Leafs’ defencemen. Just a quick reminder that this is part of my ‘year in review’ series where I try to objectively evaluate each Leafs player’s performance using both the eye test (qualitative information)…


Evaluating the Leafs’ Forwards using NHL 17’s HUT Ratings

With the season coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to wrap up the year by breaking down the performance of each Leafs player this season. To do this properly, I decided that I’d need to break down my analysis into two parts: qualitative (‘the eye test’) and quantitative (‘the numbers’). In…


Evaluating the Leafs’ PK Performance in 2016/17

As you might’ve heard, the Leafs are going up against a juggernaut Capitals team in the first round. Not only is Washington excellent at driving 5v5 goal differentials, they also have one of the most dominant power plays in the NHL. Since acquiring Kevin Shattenkirk, the Capitals have generated the most 5v4 shots per 60…


Zone Start Adjusting PK and PP Performance

Given the importance of 5v5 shot metrics in predicting future outcomes, it’s easy to forget about the importance of special teams when it comes to driving results. Over the last decade, approximately 20% of the game has been spent on special teams, accounting for almost 25% of the total goals scored. Despite contributing to nearly…