TLN Power Rankings: April 4, 2016

It’s one week until the season wraps up and I’ll be spending it contemplating who I am cheering for. In the regular season I am cheering for the Flyers so that one of Boston or Detroit winds up missing the playoffs, bu I have little interest in cheering for them after that. I like a…


LGD: Mike Harrington Is Sad Online

The world certainly hasn’t been fair to ol’ Mike Harrington, the protector of Buffalo Sports.  First he didn’t get Connor McDavid as promised and after a short tantrum, has happily proclaimed Jack Eichel the greatest hockey player there ever was.  Next, he was sure that Mike Babcock was on his way to Buffalo, and after…


Four Up and Four Down in a Marlies and Leafs Swap

YOU GET AN NHL DEBUT! YOU GET AN NHL DEBUT! EVERYONE’S GETTING AN NHL DEBUT!!!! The Leafs have called up Tobias Lindberg who will be making his NHL debut. Additionally Andrew Campbell will be making his Leafs debut tonight, and Kasperi Kapanen and T.J. Brennan are returning for another tour of duty.  The @MapleLeafs have recalled…


A Deeper Look At Jimmy Vesey

Embed from Getty Images There are a lot of reasons to already think that Jimmy Vesey is a prospect worth signing. He’s a 6’3 forward who has been above a point per game pace in his past two college seasons, and was a .66ppg player in his freshman and sophomore years. The guy scores goals…


TLN Power Rankings: March 28, 2016

Eight games left, two weeks of Leafs hockey. Only two more Power Rankings after this one until we’re all free!!!! As we near the close of the season, I would like to say to all our readers, “Thank you for being a friend.”


LGD: The Typhoid Ducks of Anaheim

*Corey Perry emerges from a Peterborough dumpster* “Nothing tastes as good as the garbage you eat at home.” Hopefully all the Leafs have their vaccinations up to date because they are getting a visit from the Ducks tonight. And while that may leave us wishing the Leafs wear hazmat suits for tonight’s game, the fact…


TLN Consolidated 2016 Draft Rankings: March 22, 2016

Embed from Getty Images It’s just past the middle of March, the CHL is entering their playoffs, the NCAA is on the road to the Frozen Four, and Auston Matthews is at his cottage, what better time to do a quick update on the current state of the Consolidated Draft Rankings.  Since our last update…


LGD: Basement Flames

Johnny Gaudreau, Colborne, TJ Brodie, Lance BoumaWotherspoon, Ramo, Mark GiordanoFerland, Ladislav Smid, Bollig and FrolikDougie Hamilton, Bennett, Boring Sean Monahan Flames are a tire fireIt was always burningSince Hartley’s returningFlames are a tire fireNo we didn’t light itbut we don’t want to fight it


TLN Power Rankings: March 21, 2016

Three more weeks until the season is officially come to an end. We were promised a painful season, but honestly this season has been a breath of fresh air compared to the last decade. There are players with promise, there seems to be actual systems that work that have been put in place, and a…


TLN Roundtable: How Would Expansion Impact the Leafs?

The first expansion draft of the salary cap era and in what will probably be 17 years before it actually happens. That’s pretty darn exciting, but has anyone stopped to ask how will this impact the Leafs? Actually I did that too, but despite the fact that I was completely right, we’re gonna open it…


OHL Coaches Poll Recognizes the Greatness of Leafs Prospects

The OHL coaches poll is a fun year end assessment of the top players in various categories. Over the past few years it seems like there has been a lack of Leafs in this and this largely because the Leafs have been have had one of the shallowest talent pools in the league. That’s not…


Leafs Gonna Find Out What Brown Can Do For You

Embed from Getty Images The @MapleLeafs have recalled forward Connor Brown from the @TorontoMarlies on an emergency basis. #TMLtalk — Leafs PR (@LeafsPR) 17 March 2016 Another day, another player set to make their NHL and/or Leafs debut. It’s getting old, but it’s also all we have for excitement around here and Connor Brown is…