Asking the Right Questions

    It occured to me recently, after watching Brian Burke bloviate, Jay Feaster deflect and Steve Tambellini ramble during their respective year-end press conferences, that the true issue facing mediocre (or worse) teams is not whether an executive has all the answers – it’s if he has the wherewithal to ask the right questions.


Luke Schenn: Broken and Busted?

Editor’s Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we’ll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join. BY: ANDREW BATES THESILVERFOXTO During Wednesday night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers, Luke Schenn found…


Nikolai Kulemin: “I’m not trying to get popular”

    By: Andrey Osadchenko Nikolai Kulemin doesn’t tend to talk a lot. The Magnitogorsk native isn’t known for words in any language. He mostly keeps to himself and prefers to show what he’s capable of by the way he performs on the ice. However, he never shies away from the media and if you have…


  By: Andrey Osadchenko It’s official. Ovie isn’t him anymore. At least, so far he isn’t. Last night he made it obvious in arguably the most hockey obsessed town on Earth. A town where he scored 14 goals in 12 previous games.

Game 4 – Flames at Leafs Live Chat

Game 4 – Flames at Leafs Live Chat Somewhat depressing fact of the day (via our sister site LeafsNation): the Calgary Flames only have one player that they’ve drafted in the lineup in David Moss. Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs have two players that the Flames have drafted in Dion Phaneuf and Matthew Lombardi. This is…


State of the Nations – 2011-2012 Season

  The new season is finally upon us. The sun rises on 2011-12 and with it a new dawn for the Nations Network. We’ve added some new sites and new faces this summer and are currently working away in Wanye’s secret hide-out on future various plans and schemes. Here’s a little of what you can…


Leafs Acquire Steckel

    News came down this afternoon that the Leafs have grabbed David Steckel from the Devils in exchange for a fourth round pick. The former Capital costs just $1.1M in cap space over the next two seasons and is one of the very best face-off men in the league.


NHL12 – Be a Gm Quirks

    EA Sports released their much anticipated NHL12 today. Reviews and reports of game play/mechanics have been trickling in on my twitetr feed today, some of which I have decided to share. Apparently EA has gotten quite clever with this iteration and the "Be a GM" game mode hides some rather idiosyncratic quirks and pitfalls.


Wade Belak Found Dead

    Ex-Flame and Leaf enforcer Wade Belak was reportedly found dead in his Toronto condo this afternoon. The 35-year old recently retired from hockey. Belak’s death marks the third tragic passing of an NHL tough guy this summer after Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien. The cause of his death has yet to be reported, but whatever…