Leafs Nation Podcast: Lotto Pick Edition

Get your listening ears on. Danny Gray and I are back with another podcast, this time featuring the very knowledgeable Corey Pronman (@coreypronman) of Hockey Prospectus. This week, we chat about Leafs’ prospects, the Leafs’ drafting style, and what to expect from the top 5 draft picks this season. Oh, and of course we talk playoffs. 


Leafs Nation Podcast: Let’s Talk Playoffs

Of course, ‘talking playoffs’ in Toronto means ‘talking Marlies’, which Danny Gray and I (JP Nikota) have brought Jeff Veillette (@Jeffler) in to talk about.  The Marlies are, as I write this, sitting tied for first in the Western Conference, and look to be in a great position to make a run at the Calder…


Leafs Nation Podcast: Let’s Talk Goalies

  We’ve all complained about the state of the Leafs’ post-lockout goaltending – and with good reason – but rarely do we get the chance to sit down and have a chat with an expert on the subject, and get a thorough evaluation of where the team is at on a player-by-player basis right down…


Combing The Desert For Good Young Players

  Through the rough times that have been these past seven years, fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have been forced to grasp at the straws for some traces of hope in an otherwise disappointing season. If the team is absolutely horrible, it’s only reasonable that we turn our focus from the failure of the group…


Leafs Nation Podcast: Know Your Enemy

  This week, the Leafs Nation podcast features Ellen Etchingham alongside myself (JP Nikota) and Danny Gray. Ellen is a wonderful writer from The Score’s Backhand Shelf who, unfortunately, has become a Habs fan. I’m not entirely sure, but I think that becoming a Habs fan midway through life is rather like a Spiderman backstory…


Leafs Nation Podcast 7

  Where do we go from here? Leafs fans can only sit and stare with vacant expressions at the current standings. What the heck is Brian Burke going to do to right this ship? If this team is going to win a Stanley Cup before Phil Kessel’s current contract expires, many things remain to be…


Leafs Nation Podcast 6: Milson Fired

  We could all tell it was coming, but that didn’t make the news any less attention-grabbing when Ron Wilson was actually fired by Brian Burke. Almost all other potential podcast topics got somewhat "Milpool’d" as myself, Danny Gray, and PPP’s BCapp all got together to chat Leafs on this, the sixth Leafs Nation Podcast.


Leafs Nation Podcast Number 5

  This week’s podcast features Pension Plan Puppets leader and sometimes Leafs Nation contributor Chemmy. If you are looking for some feel-good trade deadline pump-uppery, this is not the place to find it. Danny Gray (affectionately known as Granny Day), Chemmy and myself have a pretty critical look at almost all angles of the Leafs’…