Auston Matthews’ 5-year contract leaves a lot to be desired

After what seemed like years of speculation, we finally know what Auston Matthews RFA contract will look like and… well… it’s not a great deal for the Leafs. *ducks several tomatoes and a shoe* Who throws a shoe? Honestly. Anyway, if you happened to be living under a rock for the passed 24 hours, the…


William Nylander: Undervalued Superstar… that the Leafs should underpay

Recently, Matt Cane released the 2018 version of his free agent contract predictions.  Naturally, when this was released last month, Leafs nation immediately started obsessing over William Nylander’s estimated $7MM X 5 yrs contract. Matt does great work and this is a good reference tool when trying to gauge approximate salary expectations but it’s important…


2017-18 Leafs Season in Review: Roman Polak

The man. The myth. The legend. Roman Polak made his triumphant return to the Leafs part of the way through the 2017/18 season after facing a horrific leg injury in last year’s playoffs. Since the Leafs first acquired him from the St. Louis Blues in 2014, Roman Polak has been a controversial figure in Leafs…


The Leafs and John Tavares are a great match

Recently, Cam Lewis (Nation Network Editor-in-Chief) wrote and article titled “John Tavares and the Leafs aren’t a match”. The premise of this article, as the title suggests, is that the Leafs aren’t a realistic option for John Tavares to sign with this off-season. My response to this can probably best be described by this gif: