Leafs Postgame: Win-in-the-‘Peg

Hockey’s back, and for the first time in a while, the Leafs start the season with expectations that are more than just “Maybe we’ll make the playoffs!” In a change of scenery, the Leafs start their season in Winnipeg against the Jets, who have smaller expectations (maybe winning a playoff game). Regardless, it’s Matthews vs….


Preseason Postgame: Leafs Win 5th in a Row in First Game at LCA

While it’s still just the preseason, the Leafs were getting their first taste of the new Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit. It’s ironically named, because just like the pizza, the Red Wings are bland, boring, and make you want to throw up when all is said and done. Anyway, here’s game seven of eight for…


What the Leafs Pairings Could Look Like This Season

Last week, I looked into what the Leafs forward lines could, or should, look like this season, based on what we’ve seen so far in the season, what we saw last season, and on the quality of the players in the lineup. Now, let’s take a look at the defense, and see how they will…


Lupul to Get Independent Exam to Determine Health Status

The plot thickens. After Joffrey Lupul made some interesting comments on Instagram earlier this week, Lupul seemed to waive the white flag when he made a formal apology on Twitter yesterday. But, this situation makes another sudden turn, as Lupul will be getting an independent medical exam to determine his health status.


What The Leafs Lines Could Look Like This Season

With training camp just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the Leafs, and what they might look like. After all, the lines and how they are assembled are one of the most important things with a team. The way the Leafs spread out their offense was what made their offense such…


LGD: Hockey’s Back!… Sort of

It’s been a long (and underwhelming) summer, but the Leafs are finally playing hockey again. And what better way to start of the preseason than with the Ottawa Senators, the second best team in Ontario. The team that let the best player in Ontario, Auston Matthews, light them up in his first NHL game. He…


TLN Roundtable: Bold Predictions

We’re feeling like some hot takes at the TLN office, so it’s time to let them loose. With the NHL season just around the corner, we asked our writers for their bold predictions for this upcoming season. Most are about the Leafs, but a couple are about the league as a whole. What’s your bold…


TLN Top Ten Plays: Leo Komarov

You hear that? Something’s ringing. Well, answer the damn phone, because it’s time for the top ten Uncle Leo plays from last season. While more known for his defensive play, his highlight reel is… quite average. But, we still love him regardless. Enjoy! As always, all videos come from Goal Leafs Goal.