WWYDW – The Fourth Line Centre

With training camp nearing a close and the regular season opener just one week away, it’s crunch time for players to try and secure their place on the team. That may not be true for anybody more than it is for Dominic Moore, who with just three preseason games left, appears to be on the…


What Is A Successful Season For The 2017-2018 Toronto Maple Leafs?

With training camp officially under way, the dawn of a new Leafs season is upon us. And with that comes time to carefully over-analyze every aspect of the team. Today that comes in the form of this question: what constitutes a successful season for the 2017-2018 Toronto Maple Leafs? First, we need to remember that…


TLN Top 20 Prospect Rankings 2017: #10 Eemeli Rasanen

There were mixed feelings from people when the Leafs took Eemeli Rasanen 59th overall in this year’s draft. Some felt he was a good player with a good chance of reaching his upside. Others felt it was too conventional to use a second-round pick on a 6”7’ defender. This article will provide a more in-depth…


Because It’s The Cap: Montreal Canadiens Offseason Preview

Division winners, seventh in the league in points, third in shot attempt differential, fourth in goals against. You’d think a team with all those accolades would be thought of a lot more highly than they are. But behind all the nice numbers is a team that’s traded skill for size (with a bad contract to boot)…


Because It’s The Cap: Ottawa Senators Offseason Preview

The Ottawa Senators managed to come within one goal of a Stanley Cup Finals berth this year. But are they really that good? And if they aren’t, what steps do you take now? Let’s take a look at the Senators roster and salary cap situation to try and get a better understanding of where this…


Because It’s The Cap: Boston Bruins Offseason Preview

The Boston Bruins were a team that not a lot of people expected anything out of heading into the season. But on the heels of a balanced attack that saw them come 13th in the league in goals for and 9th in the league in goals against, not to mention a dominant 54.7% Corsi, they…


Because It’s The Cap: Tampa Bay Lightning Offseason Preview

In 2015, Tampa Bay made the Stanley Cup Final. In 2016, Tampa Bay made the Eastern Conference Finals. In 2017, Tampa Bay missed the playoffs by one point, thanks largely — but not entirely — to star center Steven Stamkos missing three quarters of the season.This is a good team that had a bad year. Let’s…

What is a successful season for the Leafs?

Embed from Getty Images Yesterday, Ari Yanover over at Flames Nation asked what a successful 2016-2017 season would look like for Calgary. A couple of weeks ago, the Leafs’ subreddit asked the same question. Today I decided I’d tackle that same topic in more depth.


Further rethinking the way we talk about prospects

Embed from Getty Images There’s been lots of talk about rethinking the way we talk about prospects on TLN lately. Steve got the conversation started with his article and video on the prospect pyramid, and Jeff made a rebuttal that pointed out some of the weaknesses of the idea. I personally side more with Steve…

Frederik Andersen out 3-4 weeks with upper-body injury

Embed from Getty Images Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen is officially out as one of the three netminders for Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey after the injury he suffered during an Olympic qualifying game last week, Tim Wharnsby of CBC Sports reports.


TLN Roundtable: PROSPECTS!

With another summer of prospect rankings in the books, it’s time to take one look back on the pool, and reflect on what’s to come.


Neutral Zone Playing Styles: What Does Chemistry Look Like?

Embed from Getty Images Alex Novet did some really fantastic work on neutral zone playing styles recently, taking Corey Sznajder’s incredible work on zone entries and turning it into something that can help define player roles. For this article I’ll be drawing on Novet’s work once again in attempt to better define player chemistry.