Leafs Postgame: Thriller

#457845330 / gettyimages.com The night started rougher than expected as word surfaced that Joffrey Lupul would be out indefinitely with a broken bone in his hand, but the Leafs were able to cruise to victory over the depleted Columbus Blue Jackets 4-1.

40 Leafs Fancy Stats Facts

#156051100 / gettyimages.com Since the Leafs hired away Extra Skater’s Darryl Metcalf, there have been plenty of new advanced stats websites popping up to help meet our every Corsi need.  War On Ice is one such site, providing much of the same unique information that Extra Skater once did.  Where War On Ice has Extra…



#457859794 / gettyimages.com One of the big stories heading into tonight’s game against the Boston Bruins was the absence of Zdeno Chara.  Most were excited about the offensive possibilities, especially for Phil Kessel.  Needless to say, people’s expectations fell far short.