Scoring Chances Update, through March 17, 2011

Mikhail Grabovski remains the top dog on the Leafs, as he still leads all regulars in scoring chance differential at even strength.  He has also excelled on the PK, too, since earning more icetime there.  His usual wingers, Kulemin and MacArthur, have had their numbers at EV remain steady as well since the last update…

Game #72 Scoring Chances: Maple Leafs @ Florida, Mar. 17/11 (3-0 Loss)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21059 You can’t sugar coat this one; just an excruciating game to sit through if you’re a Leafs fan.  However, noteworthy for the Leafs lack of scoring chances; I counted the lowest number of chances for Toronto since I started tracking scoring chances over a year ago.

Game #69 Scoring Chances: Sabres @ Maple Leafs, Mar. 12/11 (4-3 Win)

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 21024 The Buffalo Sabres held the edge in shots, 41-25, but it was a closer game than what that stat suggests.  Total shot attempts (shots on goal, missed shots, and shots blocked) were 68-66 for Buffalo, a small lead, and scoring chances were even at 19 apiece.  The Grabovski-Kulemin-MacArthur line…