Would you deal Schenn for Pavelski?

This morning, on Toronto sports radio, the question came up, “Would you trade Luke Schenn for Joe Pavelski?” I almost drove off the road. Then, to sink the dagger even further, both the boneheads behind the mics said, “Yes, I would.” I had to pull over and take some deep breaths. Schenn for Pavelski? Are…


Confidence biggest part of any Leafs’ equation

Well, that’s the end of that. Leafs’ fans now get to watch sixteen other teams pound themselves to a pulp for the sixth year in a row. Even though, prior to the season’s start, I picked the Leafs to finish eleventh in the East, I’m surprised they ultimately missed the playoffs. They played the last…


Just who was Leafs’ MVP this season?

These four guys (The Rocket, Gordie, Walter and Number 99) sure know what an MVP is. On Tuesday night, just as the Maple Leafs’ playoff hopes were gasping their final breath, I read a tweet that said something like, “Reimer’s play since January stole Leafs’ MVP crown from Mikhail Grabovski.” And, of course, that got…


The times are changin’ for Leafs

A lot of things are about to change for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not their playoff predicament. That’s sealed, whether or not they run the table in the final three games of the season. They are not going to participate in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the sixth season in a row. The Rangers’ win…


Leafs’ growth together key to Burke plan

I’m not sure I agree with the decision Brian Burke made this past week to announce that Ron Wilson would be back behind the Maple Leafs’ bench for another season (based on his career work in the NHL) – but it’s clear why he did it. Burke wants to remind his young squad that he’s…


With Five left, Leafs still kicking

The beauty of sports. That’s the image – in the literal sense, anyway. But that’s not what I’m talking about. To me, the true beauty of the game of hockey is its unpredictability. We think we know what will happen. Will can pore through stats until we are blue in the face – or until…


Leafs’ fans have nothing to grouse about

If you are one of those Leafs’ fans that does nothing but complain about how 1967 is so far in the rear-view mirror that no one can even see it anymore, don’t bother reading any further. You’re not going to like it. Why are so many Leafs’ fans so bitter? Why, when Toronto falls behind…


Leafs win in Colorado was textbook

There are lots of ways to win hockey games. The way the Maple Leafs won in Denver on Thursday night fits into the "textbook" category – and it earned the team two points and a shiny red apple. It showed exactly what this club can do when it sets its mind to it. And, of…



Whether or not you believe the Toronto Maple Leafs can make the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it is a fact that they have no more wiggle room left. With nine games remaining, they would have to pass both Carolina (two points ahead, one game in hand) and Buffalo (five points ahead, one game in hand)….


Ron Wilson’s choices are strange

What’s the job of a head coach in the NHL? Pretty simple question. It’s to have the players, both mentally and physically, in the best position to win. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. That means getting the boys ready in the room. And it means having the best players, for any given situation, on…



So, this is the Dion Phaneuf we’ve been waiting for. This is the guy that Flames’ fans saw in his rookie season. This is the guy who was Pierre McGuire’s "Monster" every single time he played. And, boy, did Dion ever pick the right time to find his game in Toronto. But there’s more to…


It’s all about youthful energy now

So many times this season, the Leafs’ success has been tied to energy – or lack of. So, after an incredibly disappointing effort v. Tampa Bay on Monday night, and after Colby Armstrong’s season was likely ended by a broken foot in the same game, the Leafs have called Nazem Kadri up from the Marlies….