Monday Mailbag: Auston’s fan club in town edition

Another week, another mailbag. Before the Leafs take on the Arizona Coyotes in just a few short hours, here are some words about the Boys in Blue: How bad are the Habs? — Scott Maxwell (@scotmaxw) November 19, 2017 Well, they lost 6-0 to the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs! So they must be bad! They…


Morning-after recap: On our worst behaviour

The Leafs come to Montreal and treat it like it’s their own home. Which in a lot of ways it is, because quite clearly, the Leafs are Canada’s team. Now undefeated this season against teams from Quebec, the Leafs are rolling and are comfortably on a six-game win streak. After a relatively boring first 30…


Josh Leivo signs one-year, $925k extension

Well, that wasn’t really what we were expecting on a Friday afternoon, but here you go. The @MapleLeafs announced today that the hockey club has agreed to terms with forward Josh Leivo on a one-year extension worth $925,000. #TMLtalk — Leafs PR (@LeafsPR) November 17, 2017 Leivo, the butt of many “press box” and “Mike…


Morning after recap: WILLIE ENDS IT

Here’s every goal from the Leafs game last night. 1-0 Leafs (William Nylander goal) That’s it. 1-0 win. After the end of a LONG shift in overtime, Nylander gets the job done. Kudos to Frederik Andersen for a beautiful shutout. Good work, folks. It was ugly, but meh. They all count the same.


TheLeafsNation is looking for contributors!

The Leafs Nation is looking for contributors! Think you’ve got talent in #content? Whether it be writing – social media- videos – graphic design – interpretative dance? If you think you’ve got that special something to help us out… show it off!


Monday Mailbag: When is hockey back?

How are you handling this break? Well? Poorly? Forgot what hockey is altogether? With the Leafs not playing until Thursday, this time without Toronto Maple Leafs hockey is a great time to… reflect? Go get your flu shot? Reconnect with your loved ones? If you’re doing none of the above, read our mailbag responses below….


Morning-after recap:

The Leafs won again and all is well in the world. Auston Matthews may have been out of the lineup, but unlike some Canadian team(s) with top picks, the Toronto Maple Leafs reminded us that hey, they’ve got a cast of other players too. We’ll call that one a grind-it-out win. It’s always a big…


Leafs postgame: Vegas? Stripped.

Earlier today, everyone freaked out because of Auston Matthews’ seven minute morning skate, because Toronto and hockey.  So, there’s that. But he ended up playing, and doing a decent job of it as well. The Leafs came out firing in the first period, taking a 3-1 lead…. and ended up winning 4-3 with one shootout…


Monday Mailbag: Is Auston Broken?

If you’re not on Twitter, as always, feel free to email TLNMailbag@gmail.com if you have any questions for next week’s mailbag! Things are rosy in Leafs land right now.  The sun is shining, snowfall’s just around the corner, there’s a newfound energy around this young Leafs team, and everyone is happy! Wait, actually, no they’re…


Morning-after recap: Ducks? Bucked.

Good teams win close games, or so the old adage goes. This wasn’t a #beautiful game by the Leafs, but it wasn’t exactly an ugly one either. The Leafs controlled play in both the first and third period, created a high number of chances at even strength, drew a pair of penalties, killed off the…