WWYDW: Where would you put Marner in the lineup?

Mitch Marner has six points in nine games, a statement which is pretty #nice for a 20-year old player. But Mitch Marner isn’t any twenty year old player: he’s Mitch freakin’ Marner. He’s a guy who scored 61 points in his rookie season. He’s a fourth overall pick.  And briefly, he was/(is?) a fourth liner….


Calle Rosen loaned to the Toronto Marlies

Babcock asked Calle to Rise and Calle Rosen. The Leafs signed Calle Rosen in the offseason and he became a Norris Trophy candidate. Two mostly unknown Swedish defencemen in Calle Rosen and Andreas Borgman immediately became best friends and starred in a buddy cop movie on way to the Leafs winning their first Stanley Cup…


Leafs Postgame: Never in doubt

Holy expletive. Honestly, what the hell was that? The Leafs won a game by three goals that they blew a four goal lead in. The Leafs have given up seven goals in two games and still have +8 goal differential. The Toronto Maple Leafs have scored fifteen goals in their first two games of the…