Mitch Marner is Not (and Has Never Been) Disrespected

Throughout his first three seasons as a Toronto Maple Leaf, Mitch Marner accrued a level of goodwill amongst the fanbase that has rarely ever been seen. This Marner praise was practically universal in its scope, too. And why wouldn’t it be? The kid was so easy to love. Within a city so acutely well-versed on…


Mitch Marner and his Primary Assist Magic

You may have heard by now that Mitch Marner remains unsigned by the Toronto Maple Leafs as we begin to approach the opening of training camps for the 2019-20 NHL season. There seems to be a gap between how the Marner camp views his value compared to how the Leafs think he should be paid….


Chris Johnston Gives Us the Offseason’s First Reasonable Marner Take

Well, this feels different, doesn’t it? Especially given what the past six months have brought forth. Fresh off a summer in which countless “reports” of the contract demands of one Mitch Marner blacked out the sky and snuffed out the sun, being treated to what is an otherwise level-headed breakdown of the situation is like…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Jeremy Bracco

Jeremy Bracco Position: RW Physical: 5’9″, 181 pounds 2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: #5 Draft Information: 2nd round, 61st overall in 2015 Here’s the thing about Jeremy Bracco: no matter what you think of him, no matter how high or how low you are on his future in the NHL, there are at least three people…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Nick Robertson

Nicholas Robertson Position: C/LW Physical: 5’9″, 161 pounds Age: 17 2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: N/A Draft Information: 2nd round, 53rd overall in 2019 ‘Tis the first week of September, which means we are down to the top four prospects. Next up is who is I believe to be the Leafs’ best forward prospect, Nicholas Robertson….


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Pierre Engvall

Pierre Engvall Position: C/LW Physical: 6’4″, 192 pounds Age: 23 2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: #9 Draft Info: 7th round, 188th overall in 2014 When it comes to career ceilings, Pierre Engvall‘s will more or less be defined by what goes down this coming season. His future basically depends on it. In fact, a strong performance…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Joseph Woll

Joseph Woll Position: Goaltender Physical: 6’4″, 203 pounds  Age: 21 2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: #7 Draft Info: 3rd round, 62nd overall in 2016 If it feels like it’s been a decade since the Toronto Maple Leafs had a goaltending prospect pan out, you aren’t far off. Garret Sparks is with the Vegas Golden Knights right…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – Fence Sitters: Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev Position: C Physical: Height: 5’11, Weight 163lbs TLN Top-20 Ranking From Last Year: 11th Acquired: 2018 NHL Draft, Round 3, 76th overall Next up in our 2019 prospect rankings, we have everyone’s favourite prospect, Semyon Der-Arguchintsev – or “SDA” for short.  SDA captured the heart of Leafs Twitter last September, with many on-ice and off-ice factors contributing…


The Darren Ferris Playbook is Evolving

On this, the first day of school, I’d like to welcome each and every one of you fine students back from what I hope was a wonderful and fulfilling summer break. It sure wasn’t a break for me, though. I mean, yeah, nothing actually got done. But you know what they say! Money (and Twitter)…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Mason Marchment

Mason Marchment Position: LW Age: 24 TLN 2018 Prospect Ranking: Honorable Mention Draft Information: Undrafted When a General Manager talks about using all levels of development, they’re talking about players like Mason Marchment. Mason was a late bloomer to begin with, appearing in his first OHL game with the Otters at 19 and a half…