MLSE announces plan for Maple Leaf Square tomorrow

Not even the excitement game seven hockey can sway Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment to changing their traditions at Maple Leaf Square. MLSE announced earlier today that they will be broadcasting the Toronto Raptors Game 5 in their first round series against the Orlando Magic instead of Game 7 between the Leafs and the Bruins….


Leafs and Bruins Subreddits Join Forces for Greater Good

With playoffs always comes a lot of tension. On the ice alone, you see the 20 players on each team go toe to toe, battle over every puck, fight for every goal, and even throw a few punches here and there. Off the ice, it’s almost as bad, as the dueling fanbases constantly chirp, heckle,…


Here’s some hype videos to get you going

You need a fancy description? Crack open a cold one and fire these up on your smart TV. Here it is folks! Leafs Playoff Hype video for the 2018-2019 season. Been working on this one for a while, hope you like it! #LeafsForever pic.twitter.com/oaTCoRU7SI — x – Laura Duarte (@duarteelauraa) April 7, 2019


Leafs recall Michael Hutchinson from the Marlies

Amidst the chaos of clinching their playoff push and goaltending controversies, the Leafs decided to really add gasoline to the tire fire and called-up goaltender Michael Hutchinson before they play their final game against the Montreal Canadiens this Saturday.


Calle Rosen to be recalled by Leafs for Monday

Though he narrowly missed making the Leafs out of camp, and has 46 points in just 54 games from the Marlies’ back end, Calle Rosen has yet to suit up for a single NHL game this season. That’ll change Monday night when Toronto recalls him for the game against the Islanders. Calle Rosen joining Leafs…


Quinn Hughes latest NHL talent to be linked to Toronto in free agency

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks got a taste of their latest hot young star. In his first NHL game, Quinn Hughes dazzled the crowd on nearly every shift. quinn hughes szn pic.twitter.com/k5T38YHdXQ — Olivia Lin (@oliviaylin) March 29, 2019 Unfortunately for those in Vancouver, he’s already being rumoured to sign a contract with the Toronto…