Among the many stupid questions (and the odd good one) that mittenstringers asked at the season ending feeding frenzy were a number that questioned how Brian Burke felt about this season. ‘Obviously’ his anger was manufactured and he couldn’t possibly care that much. Reading his answers to questions hardly do them justice as it’s impossible to see the evident frustration and anger with which he spoke to the media. 
A full transcript is available here but this one stood out when I was watching:
This is four years in a row you’ve sat here and talked about the disappointment of not making the playoffs, do you have to make the playoffs next year?
I want to make the playoffs every season. I haven’t slept in a month, a few months, I can assure you the GM is far more disappointed, whether we have to make the playoffs, that’s ownership’s right and prerogative, and you can ask someone in ownership
Greg Brady of the Fan590 didn’t appreciate the insinuation that Burke might have been more disappointed than fans at the outcome this year. However, I don’t know how you can square the downplaying of Burke’s feelings with what we know about his competitive personality. The picture tells the entire story. There he is looking absolutely gutted to be on this stage with four other stooges that are pleased as punch to have been such abject failures that they need to take advantage of the NHL’s equivalent of food stamps. 
Say what you will about Brian Burke – and I’ll be saying a lot over the next few months – but the man cares. The poor bastard might care so much that it hinders his ability to do the job.