LGD: Keep on fightin’

“Baby, this is what you came for.” – Rihanna, from the song of the same name. It’s a cliche quote, but an applicable one. It’s the biggest NHL playoff game…


Leafs Postgame: Wrong Will Has His Way

Well, that was something. Something chippy, something yappy, something violent, something exciting, something mystifying, something uplifting, something soul-crushing. Just.. something. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals met at the…


LGD: Five Alive

If nothing else, the Leafs have made a series out of this thing. Even if it falls off the rails from this point on, Toronto have put up a fight…

Last: Sun, Apr 23 2017

1 - 2 (OT)



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How does this series end up?
Leafs in 4
3%, 70 votes
Leafs in 5
3%, 70 votes
Leafs in 6
20%, 411 votes
Leafs in 7
32%, 666 votes
Caps in 7
7%, 156 votes
Caps in 6
22%, 450 votes
Caps in 5
9%, 196 votes
Caps in 4
3%, 70 votes
Total Votes: 2089 View Comments

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