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LGD: On the Road Again

There was almost no chance that the Leafs were going to avoid having to play at TD Garden more than twice in the first round. With a low probability for a sweep and home ice advantage for Boston, Toronto’s team knew that they’d have to head into enemy territory more often than not as the…


LGD: Bob Cole’s Send-off

The Toronto Maple Leafs have gone 5-7-3 in the last month, skidding their way to the finish line on the regular season as only the Toronto Maple Leafs can. They’ll face the recently-eliminated Montreal Canadiens for their last game of the season, resting pretty much their entire defensive corps and playing for little more than…


LGD: The chance to clinch

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been stuttering a bit down the back stretch of the season, but their end game – a third consecutive playoff berth after years of misery – is mathematically guaranteed if they play their cards right on Saturday evening. It’s a playoff-clinching night for Toronto, as they can guarantee their spot…