Leafs Postgame: Stamkos Destroys Hopes and Dreams Part 2

Dom Luszczyszyn
October 25 2016 08:48PM

Good news! The Leafs absolutely, 100 percent, did not blow a lead tonight. If I told you that at the start of the game you might be thrilled based on how the start of the season has gone, but alas what they did was much worse. Instead, Toronto decided to spare their fans any heartache by not taking the lead at all and get blown out of the water early instead. The Lightning took a 3-0 lead after one period and never looked back after that, beating Toronto 7-3 on Tuesday night.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Oct 25, 2016 - Making Waives

Steve Dangle
October 25 2016 07:06PM


On this episode, Steve is convinced the Leafs are up to something, Adam describes Steve's Leafs-related trauma, Shannon Szabados talk, and Steve ruins the show because it's short.

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Leafs Pre-Game report: October 25th, 2016 - Lightning @ Leafs

Ryan Hobart
October 25 2016 04:57PM

LIGHTNING (4-1-0) vs. MAPLE LEAFS (1-1-3)


The Toronto Maple Leafs are hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight at the Air Canada Centre. Puck drops at 7:30 for an exciting battle between a potential division winner, and a Leafs team on the rise.

Many questions surround the Leafs heading into this game, including the overuse of veteran defensemen, the shaky goaltender play (Leafs have the 6th worst 5v5 team sv%), and the potential unsustainability of their offense (Leafs have the 5th highest 5v5 team shooting%). The Leafs come into this game after yet another blown lead to the Chicago Blackhaws. The Lightning, on the other hand, beat the Ottawa Senators 4-1 after suffering their first loss of the season to the Colorado Avalanche.

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The Leafs aren't that concerning, and the wins will come

Jeff Veillette
October 25 2016 11:25AM

Photo Credit: Matt Marton/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 1-1-3 to start the season. They have lost 80% of their games this season. They had the lead in every game that they lost; sometimes by as many as four goals. Many have taken this as a sign that this is the same ol' Leafs as last year, with a couple of more promising kids to keep fans entertained but the same general results. I've even seen the t-word used again by those who want the Leafs to add another blue chip prospect.

In a weird way, it feels like people are getting carried away by not being carried enough away. The end result of these five games has been about as close as you can get to a worst case scenario, but the process is light-years ahead of anything the Leafs have shown in a very long time.

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LGD: Nobody is mad at Steven Stamkos

Jeff Veillette
October 25 2016 09:49AM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Steven Stamkos plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning now. He used to play for the Tampa Bay Lightning as well, but he also was a mostly-unrestricted free agent for a few days before it wasn't worth it and stayed put. This surprised a lot of people, myself included, who had either assumed or had legitimate reasons to believe that Stamkos would sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Tonight marks Stamkos' first NHL game at the Air Canada Centre since he made his decision, and predictably, everybody in Tampa, from fans to bloggers and even mainstream media types are beginning to paint the day as one of resentment from Torontonians. Take this excerpt from SBNation blog Raw Charge, for example:

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