LGD: Whoa, there's a game tonight?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 09 2016 03:20PM

On a day like today, you can't help but get caught up in the hysteria. The Dion Phaneuf trade. The potential implications for the return. Steven Stamkos being chased around Montreal by paparazzi bloggers. It's the most wonderful time of the season; silly season.

It's also easy to forget that the Leafs actually have a hockey game tonight, which involves Phaneuf's former team taking on his former-er team. 

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Is it time for the Leafs to buy out Jared Cowen?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 09 2016 11:10AM

Photo Credit: Peter Llewellyn/USA TODAY SPORTS

The hockey world has been shocked today by a blockbuster deal of questionable contracts, which saw the Leafs trade Dion Phaneuf and a bunch of loose SPCs for every single short term bad contract the Senators have. The biggest name that comes back to Toronto? None other than 25-year-old defenceman Jared Cowen. He's big, he's bruising, and he had a lot of people who wanted him over Nazem Kadri in his draft here.

But maybe, just maybe, his tenure in Toronto should be short lived?

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Dion Phaneuf and Every Prospect Who Wasn't Going to Pan Out Traded To Ottawa

Jon Steitzer
February 09 2016 09:27AM


This is a lot to take in, let's get going on this.

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Beginning of the End for Joffrey Lupul?

Jon Steitzer
February 09 2016 06:58AM

Hello there. It’s me, your internet friend Jon. You know what I haven’t talked you about in a while that still bothers me to no end?

That’s right, it’s Joffrey Lupul’s contract. That untradeable, unmoveable, buyout resistant mess that Leafs inherited from the all-knowing Brian Burke. The deal where he decided that the guy who was an All-Star while on Phil Kessel’s line and has chronic back issues (amongst various other injuries) needed to be locked up long term and at a price that would require him to repeat his career year well into his mid-30s for it to even remotely pan out.

That’s what I’m writing about again today, but this time with a little less frustration, and little more hope, because maybe, just maybe, there’s an end in sight.

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Top 5 Trade Destinations for Leo Komarov

Ryan Fancey
February 08 2016 01:54PM

Leo Komarov has turned in an impressive season for the Leafs so far, which included an early-season spot among the league's leading goal-scorers, and has even gone as far as earning him an All-Star nod. But in the second half of the season things have not gone so easily, and while his goal tally is still impressive, Komarov's output is now settling back near the pedestrian pace he's shown in the past.

While Komarov was setting the league on fire at the beginning of the season, many folks argued for trading him while his stock was highest, especially considering he turns thirty next January and the team is still somewhat in blowup mode. We obviously don't know if that had ever been a consideration earlier this year, or if this make-believe market of GMs falling over themselves to get him was ever a reality. But either way, it's still something the Leafs should probably explore, and if they do, here are five destinations that could make sense for Leo Komarov.

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