LGD - Leafs Hit the Road for Four Starting in Montreal

Elizabeth Bate
February 28 2015 12:10PM

Here we go again. 

Playing in Montreal tonight the Leafs are looking to extend their streak with a win against the Habs, and I don't mean to sound skeptical or anything, but if they win tonight I'll look at buying a lottery ticket tomorrow; the odds just aren't in their favour.

But in the true spirit of a masochist (fifty shades of blue?), I'll still be cheering them on from the comfort of my bar stool.  Hey, at least they aren't Buffalo.


The Leafs are looking to capitalize on Thursday's win against the Flyers and make it three in a row; something they haven't done since before Christmas. Their record against the Habs isn't good, but with Bernier confirmed to start after a near-record 47 saves Thursday, the team will be looking to end the Canadiens' penchant for taking them to the cleaners every time they meet. Thursday night's scorers Phaneuf, Kessel, and Bozak are positioned well together as a power play unit and will be looking to take advantage of any penalty minutes Montreal is willing to give them. Let's hope they can keep it together and start their road trip off right.

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Game Day Leafs Feb 28


Speaking of Bernier's 47 saves, (and I will be until April), Price didn't have a bad Thursday either. Blocking 27 out of 29 shots against the Blue Jackets to help the team to a 5-2 win. Conference leaders, the Canadiens have bested the Leafs in their last four meet-ups, a sting we've had to live with since last season. However with Parentaeu still benched for a concussion and Tinordi sent down on Friday, maybe we can pull one out. Montreal will be looking to make our streak a memory, however, and bring their own to four.

Lineups Courtesy of DailyFaceoff.com

Habs Game Day Feb 28


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What to Watch For

  • Penalty killing. Thursday's two goals against the Leafs came when Holland was in the box; one of those short-handed. Look for the Leafs' special teams to be defensive when they're down a player. 
  • Clarkson - just kidding, he's still gone. (And thank God). 
  • Olli Jokinen's last game with the Leafs? With Monday's trade deadline looming, this is possibly the last time he hits the ice wearing the white and blue.

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Which Players on Today's Waivers Make Sense for the Leafs?

Shawn Reis
February 28 2015 12:06PM

With the trade deadline just two days away, teams are looking to free up cap space and clear up roster spots any way that they can.  With that in mind, a handful of players hit the waiver wire this afternoon.  Specifically, Brandon McMillan of the Vancouver Canucks, Tim Erixon of the Chicago Blackhawks, David Schlemko of the Dallas Stars, Aaron Volpatti of the Washington Capitals, and Rob Zepp of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Could any of these players make sense for the Leafs?  Let's take a closer look.

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Maple Leafs Trade Deadline 2015: Remembering Obscure Trade Deadline-Acquired Leafs

Adam Laskaris
February 28 2015 07:00AM

If there's a player on the Leafs right now who seems out of place, it's got to be Olli Jokinen. The 4-time 30 goal scorer looks clearly past his prime these days, but at 36, that tends to happen. Though not technically a trade deadline acquistion, Jokinen's story is similar to that of many previously acquired Leafs who were on the team for very, very short periods of time despite solid careers with other NHL teams.

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Marlies recover from trailing 3-0, win in OT

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 27 2015 07:46PM


It looks like just about everybody in the hockey world wants TJ Brennan, including the Rochester Americans and the referees. Fortunately for the Toronto Marlies, they called dibs on him yesterday in the trade that sent Spencer Abbott to the Chicago Blackhawks. Today was his return to the blue and white, and he immediately made an impact in a 4-3 come from behind win over the Rochester Americans.

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Nonis keeps head above water.... for now

February 27 2015 05:40PM


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