Trading for Trouba would be a franchise-shaking move for Leafs

Ryan Fancey
September 25 2016 06:06PM

Essentially any time a player is publicly put on the trade block, either by management shopping them around or by their own doing, we get to weigh in on whether Toronto makes sense as a destination. It's always a fun exercise, but plenty of times if there's a great player out there, the fit isn't, and we have to jump through a few hoops to convince ourselves it could work. That isn't really the case with recent trade-requester Jacob Trouba, as he represents a clear target for the Leafs to address their biggest weakness: a top pairing right-shot defenceman.

But something I've noticed in reading up on this Trouba news since it broke yesterday is that he's being unsurprisingly undersold by opposing fans envisioning a trade. If Lamoriello could pull this off, it's going to cost the Leafs a ton. It will for any team.

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Why the Leafs should kick tires on Jacob Trouba

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2016 09:04AM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Last night, the hockey world was stunned to hear that Winnipeg Jets defenceman Jacob Trouba's contract situation had even more to it than what met the eye. What was believed to be yet another case of a restricted free agent being played in a game of chicken by his rightsholders turned out to be something a big bigger, as the 22-year-old defenceman had requested a trade months prior.

Here's the official statement from his agent Kurt Overhardt:

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Canada advances to final with commanding victory over Russia

Jeff Veillette
September 24 2016 11:09PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Souza/USA TODAY SPORTS

Canada vs. Russia on a Saturday night. Can anything top that? Well, one could argue that a lot of things could in 2016. While the two giants comprised what used to be hockey's greatest international rivalry, today's game didn't carry that vibe. In fact, it didn't really carry much of a vibe; while the lead had a changeover that gave the illusion of competitiveness, Canada maintained a staggeringly lopsided level of control in a 5-3 win that felt even bigger.

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Training Camp 2016: Size Matters

Jeff Veillette
September 24 2016 11:51AM

We spent a lot of time talking about the value of an "NHL summer". You know, bulking up, slimming down, hitting the gym, hitting the ice, all that fun stuff that is supposed to make you a great hockey player. Well, training camp has begun, and with that, comes a roster full of players height's and weights.

Well, just for laughs, I decided to compare everybody's final numbers to what they were last year. In most cases, they're exactly the same, often with weights that are multiples of five, which suggests to me that the data-enterers might just be lazy. But some are different; here's what we got out of this 80ish person roster.

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September 24 2016 11:45AM


If we are honest, the idea of North America versus Canada had so much appeal that it took a day to get behind the idea of Canada versus Russia. Fortunately, the two nations have a lot of history on the ice that allows both sides to build up a good lather. Add to that the built-in Sidney Crosby—Alex Ovechkin rivalry, the fact Mike Babcock will want to announce his presence with authority to Russian coach Oleg Znarok (seriously, that is his name) and assistant Harijs Vitolins (really). It's tuques versus ushankas for the right to play Sweden or the Seven Nation Army.

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