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  • Jerkball

    Steve, don’t also forget Don Cherry being nice enough to blast Nylander for not being big enough and how he will get killed. Boy, for being a life long Toronto fan, nothing like blasting a kid on NATIONAL FREAKING TV.

    Isn’t this the same guy who kissed Dougie? Oh, I get it, its only if you’re little and from Ontario that you get to be in Don’s good graces.

    Keep up the good job.

  • Jerkball

    Also, I know it’s nitpicking but wasn’t Nylander born in Calgary? And didn’t the Leafs draft a big Canadian forward in the first round in 2013?

    I hated watching that last night. Don often doesn’t make a lot of sense, but ripping apart an 18 year old for being Swedish is ridiculous.

  • I was under the impression that, aside from some notable exceptions, the leafs have been drafting OHL players for a while – they just haven’t been panning out.

    Wendell Clark was the biggest win in the draft in some time, especially for the abysmal 80’s teams. Don’t forget he also was banged up a LOT, and never finished a full nhl season ever without missing some games. Perhaps if he wasn’t one of the few guys on that abomination of a team who wore his heart on his sleeve, he wouldn’t have had to do the heavy-lifting and take so much damage on the ice.

    The leafs used to use top picks on grit and heart type players, and for a big stretch of time in the 90’s, we developed almost nobody because they were never that good.

    You also can’t help but get the feeling if Nylander came from Mississauga, he would be a Don Cherry Top Pick. I thought the leafs took the best player available in that draft at that time – we’ll see how Ritchie and Ehlers turn out.

    Kadri’s from the OHL, and the GTA too. Doesn’t fit the stereotypical big checking big guy role though.

    Stuart Percy is from the OHL and 2 games in to the big show looks like a keeper.

    But there are duds too. If we had every first round pick, we could get great players from the OHL all the time, if only it was that simple.

    But it’s not. So neither is Don Cherry’s drafting strategy.

  • Gilmour played in the QMJHL. The only reason he spent any time in the OHL is that Cornwall moved to the OHL in 1982, the year after every NHL team passed on him in the draft.

    CuJo played for the Notre Dame Hounds out here in SK, before playing college pucky. Lanny played juniors in Medicine Hat; Potvin in Chicoutimi. Tiger was from Weyburn and played in Swift Current. Johnny Bower is also a Saskatchewan native, from Prince Albert. Vaive played in Sherbrooke, Que. Dave Keon was from Quebec. Turk Broda was from Manitoba. Hap Day played for the U of T varsity team after leaving Owen Sound.

    Wendell Clark, BTW, played in the WHL for the Saskatoon Blades. He’s from Kenaston, SK.

    A significant portion of Toronto’s best players came from outside the OHL (and I haven’t even mentioned Sundin, Salming, Mogilny, etc.). Oh, and technically, Nylander is a kid from Calgary.

    Other than that, I agree 100% with Don.