Stan Fischler May Be in Danger

Mike Forbes of Bitter Leaf Fan passed this along to me on Twitter last night. It’s from the September 14th 1985 edition of the Saskatchewan Star Phoenix and begins with this paragraph…

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Craig Wolanin went on to be a serviceable, if not terribly memorable, defenseman for Quebec and Colorado. Wendel Clark went on to furiously murder most of his opposition, failing only to defeat Kerry Fraser and Wayne Gretzky’s nefarious high sticking plot.

Adam Oates scored 45 goals in is his 142 point 30 year old season. He had ten seasons at point per game or better (including a 1.9ppg season).

It’s easy to be a writer and pan draft results as soon as they happen. Let this article be a cautionary tale for a number of bad sportswriting crutches: judging prospects much much too early, poo pooing kids who don’t have a high pedigree through the draft, and not naming sources on something as harmless as an opinion of a kid.

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Wendel Clark is still out there; lurking, waiting. Stan Fischler should probably start penning an apology before Wendel finds out about this. I mean honestly, who’s dumb enough to write that Wendel Clark was the wrong pick in his hometown newspaper?

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