Special Teams High Quality Chances, 2010-11

A little while back, we took a look at the frequency of High Quality Scoring Chances (aka A-chances) for and against that the Leafs produced while each individual player was on the ice.  In this post, we’ll finally get around to checking out the number of high percentage shots for and against for each player on the Power-Play (5v4 and 4v3) and the Penalty Kill (4v5 and 3v4).

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The Leafs special teams in the 2010-11 season were lackluster by any statistical measure, and the following stats prove to be no exception.  The Leafs power-play produced 6.34 high quality chances per 60 minutes, while their opposition put up 9.15 chances per 60 min. against Toronto’s penalty killers.  The Leafs, when looking at High Quality Chances, only out-chanced their opposition by 3.05 per 60 min. while on the PP, in contrast to their opponents 7.21 differential per 60 minutes.


 – Even though Joffrey Lupul wasn’t the top player overall at producing chances on the PP, the amount of high percentage shots produced increased during his shifts.

 – Kessel and Bozak trail the other regular PP forwards, with Bozak having particulary poor numbers in relation to his teammates.

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 – Kadri’s stats were pitiful in his fairly limited time played, as the opposition PK produced a higher rate of quality chances than his PP unit could.


 – The best Leafs’ at forward and defence for limitng high quality chances were Sjostrom and Phaneuf, as the two former Flames continued to excel in this facet.

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 – The two off-season signings, Armstrong and Versteeg, got creamed.

 – James Reimer had a tougher go of it while short-handed.  Giguere, on the other hand, had it a bit easier than his fellow netminders.  The Leafs couldn’t seem to muster up hardly any top drawer scoring chances for with Reimer or Gustavsson in net.

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  • Individually, I don’t read too much into the numbers of any one player who put in limited time because I don’t know the circumstances of his numbers.

    Still, though, one thing really jumps out: the Leafs give up far more quality chances on their own PP than they generate on the PK. Either they need some better counterpunchers on the PK or they need to tighten up a LOT on the PP.

    Or both.