Fresh Blood Unveiled

It seems like ages ago – the Leafs were in a playoff spot, Ron Wilson was still the coach, and Phil Kessel wasn’t on the trading block – but TheLeafsNation started to look for new contributors. We had a surprisingly big response and over February the potential contributors submitted three stories.

I was hoping to find one new contributor but…

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It turns out that I found five. This group will play a part in providing better coverage of the Leafs and helping TheLeafsNation grow past those jerks at CanucksArmy and FlamesNation and JetsNation. Without further ado, the new contributors:

  • Ryan Fancey @rfancey3 
  • Matt Stephen @mattystephen
  • Andrew Bates @SilverFoxTO
  • Matt Wright @MattWright9
  • John Lofranco @jtlinmtl

These guys will be joining JP Nikota, Danny Gray, and myself covering the Leafs while Greg Thomson and Jeff Veillette will focus on the Leafs’ prospects and the Marlies. And as always, Cam Charron and Jonathan Willis will drop in from time to time to supplement our efforts. That’s a hell of a team. I feel like Brian Burke. But Anaheim Brian Burke not Toronto Brian Burke. 

Anyway, follow the new guys on Twitter and thanks for reading. 

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