Leafs Nation Podcast: Lotto Pick Edition

Get your listening ears on. Danny Gray and I are back with another podcast, this time featuring the very knowledgeable Corey Pronman (@coreypronman) of Hockey Prospectus. This week, we chat about Leafs’ prospects, the Leafs’ drafting style, and what to expect from the top 5 draft picks this season. Oh, and of course we talk playoffs. 

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Leafs Nation Podcast 12

1. What to expect from Burke & Co. at the draft
Interlude: "Pain" by Danger Mouse and Sparkle Horse, featuring Iggy Pop

2. In-roads being made in Germany?
Interlude: "Queen Bitch" by David Bowie

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3. Pros vs. cons of having the Marlies in TO
Interlude: "Chimbley Sweep" by The Decemberists

4. The 5th overall pick: who do the Leafs take? 
Interlude: "Past In Present" by Feist

5. Drafting for position vs. talent
Interlude: "Grown Ocean" by Fleet Foxes

6. Drafting young players in late rounds
Interlude: "POWER" by Kanye West

7. Playoff chatter

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