KHL Highlights – A Thriller in Minsk, Malkin and friends keep rolling, and Alex Semin joins a monster

Want to see a bunch of hockey highlights featuring a bunch of fans actually enjoying that hockey and going nuts and stuff?

Today was a fantastic day of KHL hockey. Dinamo Minsk took on Barys Astana in Belarus for a thriller in OT, Malkin, Kulemin, and Magnitogorsk destroyed Spartak Moscow, and it looks like Alex Semin joined the right team.

***NOTE*** The Minsk-Barys game is only geo blocked in the United States. The other games are available worldwide.

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Happy watching!

This game featuring Evander Kane, Pekka Rinne, Joe Pavelski, Viktor Hedman, Ryan McDonagh, and Nik Antropov was featured on MSG. Listen to the fans though. They’re just going insane. Love it.

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Fun fact: Evgeni Malkin usually plays on teams that are good at hockey. This is one of them.

Don’t look now but Alex Semin might have created a monster.

And all three games in one, plus some bad news about Adrei Markov.

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  • DSF

    Keep these videos coming. If the NHL season is cancelled it would be nice if TSN, SN or CBC signed a contract with the KHL to televise a game of the week, plus highlight packages. If the KHL will cut a deal with MSG, why not with a Canadian network? Hell, why wait? Sign a deal for November with an extension clause.

    • Here’s some more:

      Ponikarovsky and Fedotenko’s Donbass are on a very unlikely winning streak right now.

      Despite losing 4-0 to Torpedo, Alex Ovechkin and Dynamo Moscow have looked unstoppable, AND they added Nicklas Backstrom.

      Zdeno Chara STILL hasn’t won a KHL game. Lev is 0-6-1 since he signed.

      At the pace he’s scoring, Ilya Kovalchuk should lead the KHL in scoring in no time.

      Ilya Bryzgalov isn’t playing much, and when he does play he stinks. CSKA Moscow already had two good goalies so it’s weird that they even have him.

      Nail Yakupov’s team isn’t very good, but they’re feisty and fun to watch. Yakupov doesn’t always score but he’s one of his team’s better scorers.

      Sergei Kostitsyn is a damn good KHL player.

      If the Caps never get Evgeny Kuznetsov to come over they’re screwed. He’s unreal.

      • DSF

        “If the Caps never get Evgeny Kuznetsov to come over they’re screwed. He’s unreal.”

        Yes, yes then we are screwed. And no one here probably knows him, but Alexei Morozov reached the 1000 point milestone a while ago 🙂

  • I have made OKC games a priority,however just looking at the crowd in that KHL picture you posted makes me nervous.In Canada I am in the safety zone at a hockey game ,surrounded by politely clapping Cotton-Tops,Grandpa and Grandma Smurf have left the Hidden Village and retired in the Big City to enjoy their Golden years and brought their money with them,and in case no one is noticing it takes a lifetime of retirement savings to be able to afford to go to hockey games here in Canada.

    That KHL crowd looks excited,they look like a playoff crowd,makes me want to drop my cane and wave my hands in the air—ooops that might result in a 911 call in Canada–ha ha ha.There are some serious issues in these comments regarding the evolution of our game in Canada and the harsh reality that the economic burden on teams has resulted in ticket prices so high we price youth out of the Hockey market and we price seniors into the market.We are forced to adjust for the dollars wherever they may come from.

    In a city like Edmonton that maintains a broad economic base we can float through economic doldrums and we always sell out the building,but look at what the end result is,money in the bank for the players and owners,great entertainment value for the seniors and no viable paying hockey fans in ten years because all the young kids were priced right out of the arena through their childhoods.

    Hockey is destroying itself from within,and the main stakeholders are using a business model to do it intentionally.Everyone everywhere is trying to wring dollars and cents out of the Baby Boomer seniors,to the degree that they are overlooking in some cases the future economic suvivability of their businesses,creating an inflated bottom line that cannot possibly be maintained beyond the boomers.

    Hockey in other countrys seems to be priced for and targeting a much different audience than we see targeted here in Canada,I believe we are truly seeing the future demographics of our world developing quickly.We are one big seniors home here and it is beginning to show through in every facet of our lives.If you can pay to take your family of four or five to a game and really enjoy it then your income must be astronomical,this includes pop and chips and hotdogs—not sitting there all poor and wishing,and I say astronomical because every family only has a certain % of income available for recreation –I didnt do the math on an Average Canadian or Albertan income but it is an easy look see–.

    You see we never tell the entire truth,but it is what it is,do the math add up six average priced middleground tickets,parking,six pops ,burgers or dogs,six orders of nachos or other snacks,and then look at the average Canadian families income and calculate the percentage allotted for recreation–do the MATH and then look in the mirror and see if there is any integrity looking back at you.Tell us all if a family can regularly go to hockey games with their kids??Or do they need to save up and go once or twice a year??Is a hockey game supposed to be a once a year thing??A birthday gift or a christmas gift–maybe once in your entire youth??How many of those sellout tickets go to companies or corporate sponsers??Because this type of creative spindoctoring of the bottom line can make it appear that the people of Edmonton–the families–can afford to and are going to games ,when really many many tickets are corporate buys and the general population is priced out.It is relevant because the crowds I see in the KHL pictures do not look like they are priced out of games at all,there is a great youthful diversity in the crowd.Just sayin.

  • Good post new age. NHL priced me (actually i’ve probably always been priced out)

    A KHL-like Canadian flavoured league would be the Cat’s pajamas for me. Until then, it’s junior hockey for me and the odd Oiler game on tv.

  • Guy Lafleur

    KHL reminds me of 70s hockey , end to end rushes hard hits and FIGHTS!! Yes please TSN , Sportsnet or even the Team pick up some games .
    Great markov is hurt again , another monster contract that is gonna burn the Habs .Pretty cool watching the little ruskie kids playing street hockey ..when did Russia become Canada ??

  • Guy Lafleur

    Finished off most of the 1990 Goodwill final. USSR keyed in on MacEachern and Amonte and the crappy summer ice helped the USA. The reffing was better than I’ve seen in some NHL games. I’ve watched Ottawa and Canucks get away with murder against funner-to-watch teams 2009, 2010. CSKA vs 1990 Mtl is next. That early 90’s Adams division was stacked with Bos/Buf/Mtl being like TB/Bos/Yanks recently.
    Gaydosh and Charkes didn’t have great yrs, maybe the Bombers should trade the #1 pick for more picks or for an OL or 1a/#2 QB? Pierce is fine when healthy.
    Markov and Volchenkov out means Jets are playoff team for sure. They are paying Enstrom way too much now. Chi won with the Huet contract I guess…