LFR6 – Game 22 – Nazem Kad-Trick


Nazem Kadri: Player.

Nothing like an OT win an a hat-trick. Enjoy!

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  • kobegeee

    Kessel is getting lucky this year. First JVR and Frattin takes the pressure off him. And now Kadri is making everyone forget about kessel. I can’t wait kessel to get hot (if it ever happens). And I’m tired of how he scores one goal and all these fans go on and on about how great kessel is. When is the last time he led the leafs in goals? Or when is the last time he got a hat trick? Kessel is not playing well. He will get better but for now there is not need to excuse his poor play. And kudos to JVR, Frattin and Kadri on taking the pressure of him

  • kobegeee

    I disagree. I don’t think Kessel has been playing “poor”. There is much more than scoring goals as far as production. Kessel is tied for 2nd with JVR in leafs scoring with 16 points (4 goals and 12 assists) I think it more has to do with scoring by community. Kessel doesn’t have to score every other game or score hat tricks because they have a balanced scoring attack with Kessel, JVR, Kadri, Frattin, etc.

    Overall, i think its a good sign when you have your top goal scorer struggling to score, but you still sit 6th in the conference. If and when he does heat up as far as goals, the leafs will be that much better.