The Steve Dangle Podcast – August 11, 2013 – David Alter talks Leafs, is badass

David Alter, the Leafs reporter for Sportsnet 590 the Fan joins the guys in studio to talk everything Leafs, from covering the team, to some of the biggest stories of the past two years. Some World Juniors and Olympic talk sprinkled in, as well.

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    • Zipdot

      Agreed. Kinda like the, Ricky Gervais Show. You could show the cards and hockey sweaters you’re talking about (if you have them with you) among other things. Not a super expensive HD camera, just a crappy little webcam will do.

      Last year my KHL team was Dynamo Moscow, the one and only reason was because they were the closest to the Leafs in color scheme and I figured that the Moscow teams would be more available online. This year I think I’ll switch my allegiance to Dinamo Minsk because their logo is awesome. Feel free to send me one if you get a deal lined up with the KHL sweater sales dept/person. Like the NHL, some of their logos are lame but some of them are very cool and the NHL should borrow form some of them. Also Ak Bars Kazan’s logo is a snow leopard, one of the few places in the world where they still exist, 2 pod cast ago you were saying it was a tiger or lion. Just so you know.