The Steve Dangle Podcast – April 6, 2014 – Bagpipe Fight!


On this episode, the  guys discuss Glenn Healy’s fascination with James Reimer, what went wrong in Leaf Land, answer some intriguing Canucks emails, and bring back Ponder Hockey.

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  • Adam’s rant about Harold Ballard was spot on. He did not go far enough. Three of the original six teams were almost destroyed by their owners – Toronto, Detroit and Chicago.

    Detroit was called the Dead Wings until Mike Ilitch bought the team in 1982. The will be in the playoffs this year – despite a horrific injury list – for the 23rd year in a row. And somehow, despite no high draft choices in decades, they have the ninth rated group of prospects among the NHL teams.

    In 2004, ESPN named Chicago the worst franchise in all of professional sports – not just hockey. In 2007, Bill Wirtz died. Somehow he had sired a genius son, Rocky, who has cleaned up the mess made by Arthur, his grandfather, and his father Bill. The Blackhawks are now the model NHL franchise – maybe the best franchise in all of professional sports both on and off the field/ice. They have the tenth ranked group of prospects in the NHL. No high draft choices in recent years – and two Stanley Cups. How did they get Teuvo Teravainen with the 18th pick in the 2012 draft?

    The Maple Leafs have the 23rd ranked group of prospects in the NHL – worst in the Atlantic Division.
    1. Tampa
    2. Buffalo
    6. Florida
    9. Detroit
    11. Montreal
    12. Ottawa
    18. Boston
    23. Toronto

    Leiweke should just blow it up and start over. He should copy Detroit. That is what Chicago did and now the Hawks have surpassed the Wings.

  • Re: Carlyle’s system and specifically collapsing around the net. Apperently that is a systems thing. The idea being that the goalie will be able to stop shots from the point as long as the slot area is protected. That’s why Carlyle brings up shot quality so much.

  • So that Leaf fans do not get too depressed, they should read this story about Ricky Wirtz and the state of the Blackhawks – from Nov 2008 – before they won the two recent Stanley Cups:
    No matter how bad it is, it can be fixed.

    You have to get lucky to get those generational players. Detroit drafted Steve Yzerman fourth overall in 1983. Brian Lawton (remember him – I don’t) went first. They got Nicklas Lidstrom in the third round in 1989. Chicago got Jonathan Toews with the third pick in 2006. Erik Johnson and Jordan Staal went one two. Oops. Chicago has done well with third picks – the Bulls got Michael Jordan with the third pick in the NBA draft. In 2007, the Hawks won the draft lottery and got Patrick Kane. JVR went second.

    There is luck involved but you still have to have a solid organization in place to take advantage of those opportunities. Even more so in the salary cap era.

  • The Leafs should also try to get moved to the Metro. It is by far the worst division in hockey and will not get better. The prospect rankings of Metro teams:

    5. NYI
    8. Columbus
    17. Pittsburgh
    25. Washington
    27. NYR
    28. Carolina
    29. NJD
    30. Philadelphia

  • Dan

    Great rant Adam – that was my favorite part of this podcast. A little piece of me died when you mentioned that Gretzky could have been a leaf, but hey….as a leaf fan, I’m used to disappointment. I’m hoping for a better future with Lewieke in charge :).

    Cheers guys, love the show.

  • Dan

    love listening to your lfrs and sdpc and looking forward to playoff videos to come. Tell Mrs Dangle that it is awesome she knows how to play the bagpipes. Heard it takes a lot to learn and actually play them .