In what will be seen as a move that had to be made, the Leafs didn’t just not #FireCarlyle, they decided to #ExtendCarlyle for two more seasons beyond 2014-15. 

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At first I was a bit surprised, but after some thought, it makes sense – how could you not extend a coach that led his team to the highest shots against total of all time? How could you fire a coach that makes every single player on his team worse? How could you not trust your talented players under the leadership of a guy that thinks that helmets cause concussions? And most importantly – how could you not listen to a guy that found his team’s collapse “mindboggling” and his team’s lack of compete “confusing” (after having a month off to think about it) and just want to make sure he sticks around for a bit longer? I know I don’t want a guy that has the answers. 

All I know is that this choice really makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Carlyle really has built an identity for the Leafs during his tenure here. Sure, it’s an identity that is about being outshot and playing in your own end most of the game, but it’s an identity all the same. 

Extending him also speaks to what this organization has been preaching for the last two years – accountability. And who should we hold accountable? Certainly not the coach or management, who had the chance to ice their team of choice and are all equally responsible for spending to the cap ceiling. No, it’s the assistant coaches, 2013-14 season saver James Reimer, and good young players like Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner that have to be held accountable for their actions. Don’t Kadri and Gardiner know that being good and scoring is completely reprehensible? 

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“General Manager” Dave Nonis said that this is the first step in reshaping this team. And quite a first step it is. Now they can move onto more important things like re-signing Dave Bolland long-term, and take a look at potential UFAs Brooks Orpik, Shawn Thornton, and Steve Ott to fill out the roster. 

Full speed ahead!

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  • TGT23

    I cannot believe this! Anyone could go down the list of awful things Carlyle has don
    The team allowed a record breaking total of shots and Carlyle made no attempt to adjust his system.

    He made Gardiner a healthy scratch a couple of times.

    He put Holland on the fourth line and played him 4 minutes a night or less with McClaren and Orr. This applies to Ashton as well. Carlyle didn’t give him an actual chance until the Leafs were completely out of the playoff picture.

    He didn’t play Clarkson, Kulemin, or McClement properly leading to extreme under-performances. This applies to Liles who was traded and went on to play very well for Carolina.

    He mixed up the lines way too often and the players therefore never developed chemistry.

    He played Phaneuf at least 26 minutes a night so at the end of the season when it really counted, he was exhausted. This applies to the entire first line as well.

    He put down Gardiner and Kadri every time they made a mistake and frequently benched them.

    He played Ranger and Fraser TOGETHER at the beginning to middle of the season which really cost them in several games.
    The list goes on…

    • Mason from NC

      He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good…

      He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them…

      He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only….

  • Lol i love this move to keep carlyle, hes a very establish coach and obviously most of his record breaking shots allowed were from the outside and were also intentional. I mean cmon, replacing gardiner and kadri for two tough checkers will be a great idea. I mean both of these players dare to show skkkk ….. skkkkillllll i mean how dare they. Instead playing orr and mclaren in ur 4th line is genius. Its also genius to sign bolland into a 100 million dollar deal. I mean god, what genius. Overall, kadri and gardiner sux, corsi sux, having skills sux, not checking sux and having mimiconians on ur team is genius!!!!!

  • I understand being opinionated but for Leafs fans you guys really suck. It’s always “let’s whine about what isn’t” instead of cheering for your team. Shut up and hop on the Habs bandwagon already you little priss. The real fans will carry on bleeding blue

    • Don’t be a dick, Gumby, especially not today, when we’re all hurting and need comfort.

      We talk about what’s missing because we want the Leafs to be better. Most of us have never seen the Leafs raise the Cup in anything but old pictures and private daydreams, but we would do anything, ANYTHING, to make it a reality. It’s frustrating and frankly kind of hurtful to see Leafs management make decisions that appear to be against our team’s best interests.

      Of course we’re still going to support our team. Of course we still love the players. If Carlyle shows himself willing to alter his system to work with our strongest/most skilled guys, we might even learn to love him too. But just because we love the Leafs doesn’t mean we’re going to stop wanting them to be better, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean we’re going to stand by and say nothing as they self-destruct.

  • Kanuunankuula

    Wow, tank nation, and not even really summer yet. Thanks MLSE, lets waste another good year for Rielly+Gard+Kessel on this bullheaded jackass. He’s pretty much proven he cannot and will not adapt his tactics, most likely we’ll do even worse than this year. Let’s just hope they don’t make stupid signings and cripple this team further.

    Worst news of the spring, including missing the playoffs.

  • Kanuunankuula

    Im CryLaughing right now, a mixture between an evil laugh thanks to predicting the leafs future destruction and doom, and crying uncontrollably since were going to waste Kessel/JVR’s prime years on this idiot and trading away Kadri/Gardiner/Rielly (yes Rielly, he’ll be in Carlyle’s dog house soon).

    **** you Carlyle

  • TGT23

    If I could go back in time and talk to my younger self I’d pass along one piece of advice.

    Do not become a Leafs fan.

    Sure, young me, you think things are good now. It is the early 90’s, Felix Potvin is your favorite goalie, Doug Gilmore was a boss before being a ‘boss’ was a thing. All is well in Leafs Nation.

    But you’re only a child and you have a lifetime of disappointment ahead.

    Be an Avs fan, or maybe the Hawks or Bruins. Pick the Kings if you don’t mind never seeing your team play. Just not Toronto, young me. Anyone but.

  • TGT23

    And I’ve tried to quit before. Oh, I have tried.

    The Leafs trade Felix Potvin: “I’m done with this team! I don’t care who they have I net. I’m done.”

    Next Day; “CUJO! CUJO! GO LEAFS GO”

    A few seasons later: “This team is awful! Can you believe we traded Rask for this?! The Bruins were going to release this loser!”

    Soon after: “Phil and Dion?! Go Leafs!”

    18 wheeler season: “this is too much. It never changes! And now a lockout? I’m done!”

    Day One of Season: “HOCKEY!! GO LEAFS GO!!”

  • STAN

    This was entirely predictable. Brendan Shanahan has NO hockey management experience. His first decision and huge mistake was retaining Dave Nonis.

    And now this blatant middle finger to Leafs Nation. It wreaks of arrogance, conceit and entitlement.

    Talk about empire building and creating layer upon layer of Mulligans.

    MLSE hires Tim Leiweke on a a guaranteed eight (8 !!!) year deal. Leiweke inks Nonis to a new five (5 !!!!) year deal with little evidence of competency. Nonis proceeds to stick with almost all of his best friend Burke’s management team and players. He reward’s Burke’s hand-picked Captain with a cap-crushing seven (7 !!!) season contract. Gives away two key players (MacArthur, Grabovski). Trades Liles for Mark Fraser-lite (Gleason) and keeps a coach who is clearly out of his element. The team reaches new levels of failure and what does Leiweke do? Add the totally unproven Shanahan as another layer of insulation.

    As a long-suffering Leafs fan I am tempted to conclude that Leiweke is doing all this intentionally to get fired, collected a lovely parting gift and hurry back to where his heart is – southern California.

    There’s no other explanation.

    I mean, is Carlyle likely to get clever? Ditto Phaneuf (his bone-headed plays are too numerous to mention here)? Did anyone in the organization stop to consider whether Jonathan Bernier could play 60 games at the same level he displayed in L.A. where he shone for 10-15 games per season?

    Shanahan is now 0-for-2.

    The beat goes on. La-dee-la-dee-la.