Leafs Postgame – Make It Eleven

At some point, something’s gotta give. The Leafs once again outshot and outchanced an opponent, but left the ice tonight with nothing to show for it. Well, that’s not entirely true. They leave New Jersey with an impressive 11-game losing streak, after dropping tonight’s contest against the Devils by a score of 4-1.

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And so help me Hockey Gods, if I hear another person try to tell me it’s a “winless streak” and not a “losing streak”, I’m going to drop hockey forever. 

The Rundown

The Leafs came out strong to begin the game, keeping the play in the offensive zone, cycling well, and putting some pucks on net. In fact, fans at the Prudential Center let out a bit of a sarcastic cheer when the Devils were finally able to clear to puck out or their end after about two or three minutes of pressure.

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And that’s about it. That’s where all the good stuff ends.

Despite being dramatically outshot (34-17 in total), the Devils would capitalize on the few solid scoring chances they got. Tuomo Ruutu would put New Jersey ahead by one in the first, and Patrick Elias and Steve Bernier would add to their own markers in the second to put the Devils up 3-0 after forty minutes.

And hey, let’s take a second to give credit where credit is due – that Elias goal was the 400th of his career. Congratulations guy, that’s damn impressive.

In the third, Toronto would capitalize on a power play when a slick Phil Kessel shot bounced off two posts behind Cory Schneider before Tyler Bozak would bury the puck to pull the Leafs within two. Desperate to tie things up, the Leafs would gamble early and pull James Reimer with over two minutes left in the game. He wouldn’t even make it to the bench before Jaromir Jagr would bury an empty netter and seal a 4-1 Devils victory.

To be honest, the most interesting part of this game was when the Leafs announced they had traded Carter Ashton and David Broll to the Tampa Bay Lightning early in the first period.

Blue Warrior

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I’m going to give it to David Booth, who didn’t record a point, and finished -1. Seriously though, Booth actually showed off his wheels tonight and hustled hard to create several scoring opportunities. He lead the Leafs with seven shots tonight.

Saturday Night’s Alright

What are you up to tomorrow night? Because the Leafs are playing again, and going for that twelfth straight loss against the Edmonton Oilers at 7:00pm on CBC.

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  • Dawgfan1980

    Horachek has ruined Reimer. He was so great under Carlyle and now he is a shadow of himself.

    And Bozak the clown leeching off Kessel’s talent with a PPG goal. Trade him now. what a waste of the season this has been

    • TGT23

      You and I have very different understandings of the word “great”… Two straight seasons of sub .910 goaltending doesn’t fall into my interpretation of the word.

  • Dawgfan1980

    Another impressive tanking by the leafs against that power house high flying scoring machine Devils. Yep the leafs got two goals against this Stanley cup bound devil squad led by senior citizen Jagr.

    Good to see the leafs revert to their one goal a game tradition as they dominated in shots and corsi and fenwick and airwick spray. BUT AS USUAL LOST. Which means a higher draft pick.

    Now intelligent Toronto sports fans watched the Raptors dominate Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in an exciting entertaining basketball game as the Raptors strenghtened their hold on second place in the eastern conference. Come on leaf fans stop being a glutton for punishment. Become a winner for once in your life. Get out of your parents basement suite and get off the computer. Meet a hot babe and take her to a Raptors game she will think you are a winner and not a leaf fan.

  • STAN

    Carter Ashton and David Broll were never going to be regulars with the Leafs, but getting a conditional 7th round pick? For the two of them?

    Nonis certainly operates in mysterious ways.

    As for the game… Booth was the most active, if not, effective Leaf… and that’s from a spare wheel on a one-year deal playing mostly fourth line time.

    That says it all about this group of losers.

  • Kanuunankuula

    I can’t believe there was no Spinal tap jokes on this one…

    Moving on, maybe tomorrow we’ll take another step on drafting.

    And 48years, shouldn’t you be happy? We discussed before that we need to be bad to become good? This is going to plan in my book.

  • I disagree that the Leafs out-chanced the Devils, they outshot them but the Devils were patient for prime chances.

    The goalie decisions are always the opposite of what I would do. I would have left Reimer in on Tuesday, I would not have played him immediately after showing their complete lack of confidence in him in a game they were actually winning. (This was the first game in a while I felt they would win, even with the 1st line contributing nothing.)

    Both goalies have dropped in save % and both show a lack of confidence, neither are at their best – the situation, with two relatively young, solid goalies has been mishandled for the past two years and this is the result. Neither is playing to his ability. There’s no reason not to split games between the two for the remainder of the season and evaluate both moving forward. In fact this is the only solution that makes sense to me. The damage has already been done.

  • if the leafs were smart, they would sell high on all of these players (winnik/santorelli/bernier) and try to get some assets for bozak/lupul. clear that cap space, get some prospects/picks and restock that system with talented, young guys to “retool the rebuild” while they continue to tank. the season is lost. might as well start selling players with lots of people interested. try to keep franson and sell phaneuf to a desperate team looking for help. make sure you don’t retain any more money. keep reimer for the rebuild. he’s cheaper and fits the plan more than bernier. develop prospects/picks properly and grow organically from there bulding a team around rielly/gardiner and keep panik/jvr as well since they’re young. keep kessel unless you get an offer you can’t refuse. get rid of this old core who’s been around for every collapse and pray to god clarkson reaches at least 30 points a year until he’s cheap enough to buy out later.