LGD: Tankin’ Away In Margaritaville

You mean the season didn’t end at the trade deadline? There
are still 19 games to play? There’s one tonight?

You know the drill, it’s a Tuesday night game against
Florida so you can rest easy Tank Nation, the loss should be automatic.

The Tim Erixon era will be starting tonight, but it looks
like Eric Brewer and Joakim Lindstrom as of now have gone unclaimed on the
baggage carousel and won’t be in the lineup until Thursday. So sit back, relax,
and wonder how the NHL managed to schedule a 10 game night with only one
compelling matchup that isn’t even on until this game is over.

The Leafs

In addition to Erixon making his debut we will also be
treated to Dion Phaneuf playing on the right side next to Jake Gardiner and
Holland will be returning to the third line now that Jokinen is gone. Of course
Holland will still have 4th line quality linemates, but MINUTES!!!

via Daily Faceoff


The Panthers

David Bolland is injured so Florida will be without an
identity tonight, the Leafs can capitalize on that. Jagr is also on this team
now, that’s something. Hopefully the Panthers win because it would be nice if
they knock the Bruins out of a playoff spot soon.

Lineups via
Daily Faceoff


Starting Goaltenders


What to Watch For

  • House of Cards. If you haven’t finished Season 3
    this game is giving you every reason to do so.
  • Okay, that wasn’t fair and on a Leafs site I
    should probably encourage you to watch the team, so let’s see how Tim Erixon
    handles the adversity of being paired with Stephane Robidas.
  • Will any Leaf player talk to the media in
    pregame skates or between intermissions or will they follow Lupul’s “no comment”
  • Will Kessel have the game of his life to spite the media?
  • In Bolland’s absence will Jimmy Hayes or Brad
    Boyes be responsible for Florida’s game winning goal?
  • Seriously, Die Hard has to be on some channel,
    go watch Die Hard.

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  • giproc

    I’m all in on House of Cards. Next relevant Leaf day for me is the lottery ball toss.

    I’m thrilled they got rid of Clarkson’s contract, but beyond that, what moves have been truly game changing other than to trade away three of their most responsible hockey players in Santo, Franson and Winnik?

    I’m sensing that the Leaf brass still might secretly believe that they can right this ship with a couple of decent drafts and some minor tweaks along the way. To date I’ve seen no commitment to a rebuild of any strength.

    Have a nice summer, boys.