Mikko Rantanen is a quality two-way winger who played in a top pro league (SM-Liiga) at age 18. His output in the Finnish elite league (56GP, 9-19-28) suggests real offensive ability.

How good is Mikko Rantanen?

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  • Curtis Joe, Elite Prospects:An
    exceptionally talented playmaker and always a consistent threat on the
    ice; Rantanen is a combination of elite-level hockey sense, silky smooth
    hands, and nimble skating. Needs to improve his shot and physical play,
    as he doesn’t take advantage of his size in many situations.
    All-in-all, an intelligent, big-bodied forward that oozes skill.
  • Goran Stubb, NHL director of European Scouting: “He’s a big, strong and mobile power forward that is always a consistent
    threat on the ice,” Stubb said. “He has a combination of hockey sense,
    smooth hands and an explosive shot. He probably could take better
    advantage of his size (6-foot-4, 209 pounds) and strength, but overall
    he’s a smart, two-way forward with good decision-making, reliable and a
    hard competitor.” Source
  • Kelly Friesen, Buzzing the Net: He is regarded as Finland’s top 2015 draft prospect and a potential
    first-round pick. In his second season in the SM-liiga, he has shown off
    his top-notch playmaking abilities and hockey sense while potting a
    goal and 10 points in 30 contests. The biggest knock on Rantanen is that
    he doesn’t’ take advantage of his 6-foot-3, 194-pound frame as he’s not
    a physical player. Source
  • He patterns his style of play after Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks and Mikko Koivu of the Minnesota Wild. Source
  • Future Considerations: A strong three-zone playmaker who is also defensively responsible…has an
    awkward upright skating stride, but gets from Point A to Point B just
    fine…not a big ”wow” factor to his game, but is a smooth, fluid,
    big-bodied forward who can be hard to handle…uses his strength and
    reach, along with his vision and hands, to protect the puck…has good
    instincts when to pass and when to hold…puck seems to follow him around
    the ice…good in his own zone and consistently makes himself available
    for a breakout pass…has impressive hockey sense and awareness…needs to
    work on his shot and add more muscle mass to his growing frame. Source


kimelman rantanen

Adam Kimelman

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morreale rantanen

Mike Morreale


The reports above conflict quite a bit (we see power forward mentioned but also read about his lack of physical play, despite size) and that may mean players like Lawson Crouse and Pavel Zacha are taken higher.

On the other hand, this is a splendid scouting report and he’s clearly a substantial talent. If Rantanen develops fully in terms of offense, a team drafting him could end up with a 1line winger who can help in all three disciplines, including the ability to outscore opponents at evens.

If Mikko Rantanen goes inside the top six overall, that’s probably a reach, but after that you could make a case for Rantanen being the best player on the board. Anything after No. 12 and he’s exceptional value.


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        • 24% body fat

          oh i definitely see that, but that wasnt my point. And o’connor wasnt the key to our goaltending woes. But if we got him they wouldnt be wasting a pick in rounds 2 or 3 on one. Now that they missed out they may just do that.

          Look at Fucale, so glad we didn’t get him. Trending down. Instead we got Slep, Yak, Roy, Platzer.

          Do not draft goalies in the early rounds. Thats my point. Oilers always make one or two bad decisions in rounds 2-4.

        • 24% body fat

          There are always tons of goalies available. Not many of those are high end types. I don’t get why NHL teams tend to ‘cheap’ out on the goal position. It’s only the most critical position.

    • BigMcD

      Oilers need a solid Finn for the next championship run, we all know that. It only seems right we get a prominent Finn on this team. But he’s gotta have a bit of an edge to his game. Otherwise we are talking Paajatvi here. Esa Tikkanen 2.0 would be nice.

    • BigMcD

      The #16 pick has so many possibilities and trading up or down or for HL dman all top e list.
      Is MR a guy they would look at drafting? maybe.Who knows.
      The draft is will be nuts depending on who is sitting at the Oilers draft table as coach. I think the if its Mike Babcock we may see that pick used to draft a player of substance. TMcellan? Would a trade Brent Burns be thinkable?
      If I am rolling the bones I take a shot at Ivan Provorov.16/33 for a shot at him.
      How about L Crouse? He and LD on a 3d line with BY in the future?
      I turn 50 on June 25th and draft day is the 26th. I’ve already asked for my 97# McDavid Jersey for my BD gift.Since I am moving to Calgary this fall(wife goes to U of C Veterinary school)I have asked for tickets to all the Oiler road games in Calgary.I’ll e streaming Lowetide and 1260TSN and 630 ched.
      Exciting days ahead.

      • BigMcD

        That’s for Monday at 12 o’clock on Dave Jamisons show.Its a thing don’t you know. The Oilers PR guy waits for Lowetide to go off the air before he breaks any major Oilers news.

        Monday at 12.Breaking news.It will go like this.The Oilers are holding a news conference to announce the signing of Mike Babcock at 100 pm.Trust me that’s how it will roll.

      • 24% body fat

        And also news of signing a proven goalie coach No surprise O’Connor passed on Oilers.
        The goalie coaching in Edmonton is very questionable and we need to hire a proven GC before trying to get a top notch goalie. No-one wants a rookie goalie coach with less experience in the NHL than 99% of the team, they want their skills honed properly, and rightly so. Good news tho through all of this is that perhaps Sens are willing to trade a goalie as they have a couple of decent ones. Good luck to Matt and kudos for not jumping on the McDavid bandwagon and putting your own needs for a skilled GC ahead of anything else.

    • BigMcD

      I have a lot of time for Finnish players……….the Oilers history of great Finns needs to continue. Kurri, Tikinnen, Ritssolanen, were mainly forgotten by the NHL and the Oilers were wise to look in Finland.

      Allan are there any other Finnish players that you project will be available at the number 16 spot?

    • Johnnydapunk

      I’m nicely biased here, but I think the Oil should have at least one Finn on their roster at all times, they usually have a style and grit to them that you do not see in a European players.

      If they can draft Rantanen, that would be great as he has looked good, I would also be looking at what it would take to get Juuse Saros from Nashville as he has been really good over that last few seasons. He also just posted a shutout in the WC which has given the Finns the record for most consecutive WC games with a shutout as they have now gone 4 games in a row. It’s nice to see.