Maple Leafs Trade Deadline 2016: Roundtable


We’re finally getting close to the trade deadline and the exciting possibility of things happening on a regular basis. Monday has been booked off of work, and fake food poisoning has been planned for following dinner tonight so I can spend the weekend discussing the return for Mark Arcobello with all my internet friends. 

That’s not sad at all.

Instead of diving deeper into the flawed way I choose to live my life, I’ve asked three very handsome gentlemen to help me out with some trade deadline related questions for our roundtable.

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What has been the Leafs best trade so far this season?

Tom Hunter:

The best move the Leafs have made so far would have to be the Roman Polak + Nick Spaling for two future second round picks. The San Jose are in win-win now mode and the Leafs front office took advantage of that. With an abrurd amount of trades this summer it only makes sense that the Leafs would be looking to add picks down the road and grabbing 2nds from a team like San Jose that is due for a decline would pay huge dividends in two years.

Ryan Fancey:

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I think it goes without saying the Leafs’ best move so far has been the Phaneuf deal. Not only did they get out from under that albatross of a contract which was already painful and only going to hurt more long term, they dished it to a division rival. It was a mammoth trade, and sort of closed the book on the disastrous Nonis/Burke era. I’ve said it before, even if the Leafs took on the three short-term salary dumps (Greening, Cowen, Michalek) for Phaneuf straight-up, the deal still would’ve been a steal. The fact that Murray tossed in a pick and decent prospect is just hilarious. Have fun with that, Sens fans.

Bobby Cappucino

A lot of things are praised in regards to the Polak trade – getting rid of Polak and Spaling, somehow getting 2 2nd round picks, etc, etc. But the deal is really a home run because of the acquisition of Raffi Torres. Torres brings accountability and responsibility to the organization. He is the type of player that keeps other teams honest and his teammates honest. It’s no surprise that days after Torres is acquired, Nylander posted a video where you can see his new, muscular legs. That’s the Torres influence right there. And after being concussed in the World Juniors, Nylander needs a protector – Torres is the guy to do it.

What trades are the Leafs still likely to make?


We know P-A Parenteau is about to be traded but beyond that we are also likely to see Grabner moved. Beyond the two wingers I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a playoff team trades for Matt Hunwick.


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It’s no secret the Leafs are going to continue to try to find homes for their pending UFA rentals, so expect a couple more of those deals to go down. P-A Parenteau is as good as gone, and we’ll probably see a goalie shipped out too. On top of that I think we’re in for something shocking. Friedman tossed out that Kadri tidbit earlier this week, and keeping in mind that management essentially has no prior connections to any of these players, it feels like we’re in for another blow-the-doors-off deal. Something big is in the works.


I think it’s likely that the Leafs are done dealing. A lot is made about the future but you need vets in the lineup to teach the kids. Guys like Parenteau and Boyes are really good to keep around to show Leipsic, Nylander, and the Marlies the ropes. That’s more important than draft picks, which are essentially just lottery tickets with pretty bad odds.

What trade would you most like to see:


With Andrew Ladd being traded to Chicago last night, Florida could become a front-runner for PA Parenteau. The Panthers were said t be incredibly interested in bringing Ladd South and it appears as though they will be buyers on the 29th. With Ladd off the market, the price for PAP could be going up as the demand greatly exceeds the supply. With the price for big middle-6 wingers set, thinking you could get a late 1st for Parenteau isn’t as crazy as it once was. Adding to Florida’s desire for a winger, Jeff Marek mentioned on Prime Time Sports yesterday that the Panthers would very much find a backup to act as insurance for the remainder of the season and give Roberto Luongo some extra time off to rest for the playoffs. If only the Leafs had someone that would fit that description to a tee. The trade I would like to see is P-A Parenteau + James Reimer for Lawson Crouse. Two rentals for a #11 pick that looks ready to be in the NHL next season? I’m crazy right? You shouldn’t underestimate the  desire smaller revenue teams have for playoff gate revenue. The revenue generated from even just a handful of sold out playoff games goes a long way for teams like Florida and if Dale Tallon believes filling these holes will get him an extra round, it’s not likely any prospect is off limits. And if Tallon thinks that’s too steep for a couple of rentals? Try to convince him that Leo Komarov is more valuable since he has more term than Parenteau.


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I’d really love to see the Leafs make a move for Trouba or another high-upside right-handed defenceman. Something like that might take more time and end up spilling into the offseason, but it’s a need that certainly needs to be filled. Other than that I’d like to see one of Bernier or Reimer moved out, and then hopefully this offseason get a look into what the Leafs want to do between the pipes in the longterm.


If I had to make one more move, I’d sign Brad Boyes to a long-term contract extension. The more term you give a player, the cheaper the AAV – at least that’s how it works in Be a GM mode in NHL16 and my team has gone to the Cup finals 5 years in a row. You can probably sign Boyes for like $1.5 mil per year for 8 years. That’s a pretty good deal for a guy that is wearing the ‘A’ right now, which proves he is a leader.

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    • Harte of a Lion

      With Lööv and Percy with the Leafs, I think they want him to fill in and play on the Marlies as he works on his hip. Remember he has not played in a game for some time. This way they find out a few things

      1. How limited is his mobility and skating without exposing him to the NHL at this time

      2. I have no doubt the Senators mismanaged his injuries so, if he can’t play at the AHL level right now, the team needs to determine what direction they are prepared to take. Either shut him down for another surgery, trade his contract to a cap crunch team or buy him out.

      Unless the Leafs are planning some magical Lou moves and absorb every bad contract out there for picks/prospects, they do not need to add any other contracts on LTIR. If they added JVR, Lupul, Robidas they could go over the cap by almost $13 Million pro-rated

  • magesticRAGE

    I’m hoping that Bozak will be traded alongside Parenteau. This would also mean that Kadri would be getting an extention. Bozak is too old to contribute in contention years, and will clog the flow of graduating prospects.

    I also have like watching the team without Hunwick, Reilly has been able to run free, as he has stepped up with the increase in responsibility, Gardiner too.

    Bozak and Hunwick

  • Gary Empey

    It looks like the Leafs are going to draft 1 center Matthews at most /or 4 Tkachuk at least, 18 center Rubtsov, 32 grinder Katchouk, and center 62 Dahlen.
    After that, they can draft a goalie and in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds, anywhere from 4 to 6 defencemen [Vala, Moverare, Rubins, Pethrus, Reunanen, Dineen, Rykov]. plus add vesey and zaitsev.
    I would also add centers Abols and Wahlgren with 5th to 7th round picks [plus Glotov/Khripunov]
    After the first half of the 1st round, there are no D-men available that will become a significant upgrade on the Leafs’ top-six D-men, so……. a position that still needs filling, and that still has players available, is big wingers who bring offence; i.e., 6’3 Korshkov and 6’3 Koivula. To get either or both of those players, requires the Leafs to get one or two more 2016 2nd or 3rd round picks [with Parenteau and Reimer], not 2017 picks.